G&G 2014 Flyfishing Christmas Gist Ideas

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By Louis Cahill and Johnny Spillane

Happy Thanksgiving from Gink and Gasoline!

Tomorrow is Black Friday and the official beginning of holiday craziness. If there are fly anglers on your Christmas list there’s a good chance you’re not going to find anything for them at those crazy door buster sales. So why not kick back with a turkey sandwich and let G&G be you Christmas 2014 Secret Santa.

Johnny Spillane and I have teamed up to share our ultimate Christmas angler’s wish list. There’s something on here for every Santa, no matter what kind of angler is on your list or what your budget is.

If you’re like me and everyone in your family is bugging you for a Christmas list, just hit print and get ready for the best Christmas of your life!

Johnny’s list

nomadpigFishpond Nomad Net

Fishpond came out with a new net this year called the EL Jefe. It’s a little larger then their previous mid-length guide net and has a little blunter tip to help get underneath a big fish. The new camo pattern is badass and as always, the nets float like a cork. Check ’em out, they are pretty sweet. The net is not on Fishpond’s website as of this post, but look for them in your local fly shop.

SageSalt8WT__92951_zoomSage Salt

Going to the salt this winter? Give the new appropriately named Sage “Salt” a try. Like the Sage One and Method, it incorporates Sage’s Konnetic Technology making these rods incredibly light and easy to cast. My favorite part about the rod is that it casts just as well at 20 feet as it does at 80. Short casts are just as much a part of saltwater fishing as long casts and it’s great to finally have a rod that does both.


large-winston-micro-spey-3106-4Winston Micro Spey

Winston has developed a new rod that I’m sure many of you have either seen, cast or heard about called the BIII TH-MS. TH-MS stands for Two-Handed MicroSpey and it does everything you could ask in a rod designed for catching trout. It is very light for a rod this size and has a delicate feel that is perfect for detecting subtle strikes. I’ve been fishing this rod all fall on two very different rivers, the Yampa in Colorado and the Green in Utah, and I can say with certainty that it’s the most fun I’ve had fishing in a long time. I’ve been using the 11ft 4 weight and have found it to be very versatile and a pleasure to cast.

SIF41KNJAFO_lg_800x800Simms Kinetic Jacket and Coldweather Shirt

Simms has continued to produce apparel that is incredibly functional for fisherman. Their new Kinetic Jacket is both warm and fashionable. Its range of motion in the shoulders is great which makes it easy to cast in and it can be worn by itself on chilly days or as a great layer when it really gets cold. Another piece I really like is the Coldweather Shirt. While not a new item, there are some new colors and as the name implies, it’s perfect for cold days.


ABF57NIPR_lg_250x250Abel Nippers

If you’re looking for something for the fisherman that has everything, check out Abel’s nippers. They are the last nipper you will ever buy (as long as you don’t lose them!) While not cheap, at around $60 they make a great gift and are always appreciated. They come in multiple colors and paint jobs and are always looked upon with envy by fellow fisherman.



LOF7BRGNFM3_lg_250x250Loon Rigging Foam

Loon Outdoors has come out with a product called Rigging Foam, which is designed to store pre-rigged tippet and flies. It makes it very easy to quickly change setups on the water and get back to fishing.




3oz6s-WalterMFC Paul Puckett Fly Boxes

If you’re not looking to break the bank, there are some cool new accessories out there that are very affordable. Check out the Paul Puckett designed fly boxes brought to you by Montana Fly Company. They are fly boxes with attitude!



Hope this helps, these are all products that I have used recently and been very impressed with. I would certainly appreciate any one of them as a gift! Merry Christmas from everyone at Trout Creek Flies and Steamboat Flyfisher!

Louis’s List

ORF21SFGL2_lg_250x250Orvis superfine Glass

This little rod has a heart full of soul. Soft enough to cast just your leader but with enough backbone to fish heavy nymphs. If there’s a glass head on your list this will put a smile on their face.



2-1Thomas and Thomas Solar

Here’s a gift that says, “You’re worth it!” Simply the finest saltwater rod I’ve ever cast. All the power you’ll ever need and an accessible action that’s a pleasure to cast. The Solar will make your Santa look like a rock star on the flats.




RS21ECSREcho SR Switch

My favorite new switch rod for trout, the SR performers with one hand or two. 4&5 weights for trout and 6-8 weights for steelhead. This little beauty is incredibly versatile and won’t put Santa in the poor house.



completeset_2Tenkara USA Iwana Set

Tenkara is the fastest growing segment of fly fishing for a reason. It’s a blast! The Iwana set includes everything you need to to fish tenkara. A line, flies and Tenkara USA’s best selling rod, the 12 foot Iwana.




preview_155510_201813Nautilus CCFX2 Fy Reel

Nautilus starts with billet aluminum and carves away everything that isn’t totally awesome! The CCFX2 is lightweight, tough, stylish and has the most advanced drag system on the market. The fish stops here!



SIF41G4PRBK_lg_250x250Simms G4 Jacket

The new G4 defies the elements and offers the ultimate in function. The best design I’ve even seen in extreme weather gear. Your Santa will look, and fish, like the special forces in the new G4 jacket.



guide-fleece-bib-black_f14Simms Fleece Bib

Baby it’s cold outside, but your angler won’t be staying at home with this awesome one-piece fleece layer. It’s the one piece of gear that’s indispensable when the temperatures drop “North Pole!”




UnknownFishpond Roll-Top Boat Bag

All your goodies will stay safe and dry in this roll-top boat bag. It’s the only boat bag I trust with my DSLR cameras. Plenty of room, great organization and roll-top protection. You can’t beat it.


ufm35006_tailgater_fr_webUmpqua Tailgater

What more could the hard core angler ask for. Maybe I should say, the spouse of the hard care angler. Finally get that fishing gear organized, in the truck and out on the river where it belongs. The tailgater is a brilliant solution.


RGF57BNIP_lg_250x250Rising Big Nippers

Here’s a gift that anyone can afford and will be loved every time it’s used. These amazing quality nippers are underpriced and over engineered. There should be a pair in every angler’s stocking.




RG57RAT12RE_lg_250x250Rising Rancher

Just like the nippers, and everything else made by Rising you get twice your money’s worth in the Rancher. It’s hands down the most useful tool in my pack. And it’s not just for freshwater. I use the rancher on the flats too.



ORF33NZINKT_lg_250x250New Zealand Strike Indicator

Put a little wool in the stocking this year! This gem will put your angler on fish year round. It’s the best all around indicator on the market and the most versatile. A great gift for any trout angler.




WEB_TL-OLV-300x300Veedavoo Tight Lines Sling Pack

Quality and simplicity. Whether you’re hiking into the headwaters or wading the flats, the Tight Lines pack gives you the comfort and freedom of movement to fish like a hero. Great for small stream fishing, steelheading, bonefishing and tenkara!



95_1105Finn Utility Line Wallet

Organization, function and romance. Just the feel of this line wallet in your hands is enough to make you love it. And it works! Great for the serious Spey angler, this will be a family heirloom for generations.




Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 4.18.40 PMTrue Flies Tarpon Scale Belt

Straight up style! This fine leather belt sports a cast silver tarpon scale buckle and the silhouette of the silver king in the stitching. Hot, hot, hot!



AFF30SDETLG_lg_250x250Airflo Super Dri

The Super Dri is a phenomenal all around trout line. It casts farther, floats higher and mends easier than anything I’ve fished. It will keep your angler smiling.




SA30SXIHScientific Anglers Skagit Extreme Intermediate

Just the thing for the steelheader on your list. This head casts like a dream and swings clean and deep for those winter steelhead. This will make any fly swinger happy.



RI30OUTB1_lg_250x250RIO Outbound

For the streamer junky. The RIO Outbound is my favorite streamer line. Nothing carries big flies farther. Intermediate or sinking tips to suit any river.




YTCLRSTRAM_lg_250x250Yeti Rambler

This is the first piece of gear I touch on every fishing trip. It’s right at home in the boat or the truck. You can’t catch fish when you’re asleep.




For the angler who’s been really, really good!

big-eye-2Paul Puckett Artwork

Want to give a gift that’s truly one of a kind? Look no farther. Paul Puckett’s paintings belong in a museum but they will look great over the fireplace, too. Paul has a wide selection available, or you can choose to have a special fish immortalized forever. This is taking Christmas to a whole new level.


Montana-FLy-Fishing-Missouri-River-_1-2-300x252Adipose Flow Skiff

Skip the Mercedes this year. Park an Adipose under that big red bow. It’s every angler’s dream come true.





DSC_7196G&G Bonefish Trip

The best gifts are not material but the gifts of experience. Give your special someone the fishing trip of a lifetime and the memories to go with it. The best part about this gift is that you can come along! There are only a couple of spots left for March 14th-21st 2015. Don’t get left out in the cold.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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