A Truck Vault Can Make Your Truck The Bat-Mobile of Fly Fishing

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I'm Batman! Photo by Louis Cahill

I’m Batman! Photo by Louis Cahill

It’s human nature, I suppose, to admire in others what you lack yourself.

As I look at the chaotic pile of fly rods, reels and fly boxes in the corner of my office, I am not at all surprised that one of the things I admire most in others is organization.

Organization is a skill my good friend Michael White takes to a new level. Whitie is a sales rep for Simms which means he pretty much lives in his truck. What’s more, wherever that truck is headed, there is usually some great fishing. That was the case the other day when work, and fate, brought Whitie and me both to the Jackson Hole area. Fortunately, we both had the same day off and were able to get out on the water together.

DSC_3726Whitie’s truck is nothing short of the Bat-mobile of fly fishing. In addition to upgraded off road suspension and the best car audio system I’ve ever heard there is an intense gear organization system. In the back under a huge pile of Simms samples that any angler would kill for there is a weatherproof, fireproof, combination locked Truck Vault.


_DSC6235Pull out the two bed length drawers of the Truck Vault and there, perfectly organized, is every piece of fly fishing gear you could ever need. Rods organized by single and double hand. Reels by line weight. Flies by hatch. Waders, boots, packs, everything you need to fish anywhere there’s a road to get you there. It’s a thing of majestic beauty.

The gear never needs to go in the house. It lives there in the truck, ready for action 24/7. There’s even enough room between the Truck Vault and the camper top to blow up an air mattress and sped the night on the river in comfort. It’s like a dream. I am truly green with envy.

7A2PL2HHThe Truck Vault may not be in your price range. They can run a couple of grand like this one from Orvis. Still it’s hard to argue that it’s not worth it. Maybe this winter when I have a day or two of down time I’ll take a run at a DIY version. If I do I’ll post a step by step on it for those of you who are interested. Until then, I’ll have to find more excuses to fish with Whitie.

Louis Cahill
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18 thoughts on “A Truck Vault Can Make Your Truck The Bat-Mobile of Fly Fishing

  1. I heard about this truck vault not long ago. That’s definitely a cool thing to have if you’re on the road as much as someone like Whitie. Or for a guide that’s on the water every day. I’d like to have something like that just because I like organizing my stuff, but I don’t think I could justify the cost. The idea of a diy project doesn’t sound bad though.

  2. Now you’re speaking my language! Modifying a vehicle to support our fishing lifestyle is a no-brainer. I built a killer drawer and storage system in my Tacoma over a weekend a while back for about $100. It’s buried in this thread somewhere: http://www.expeditionportal.com/forum/threads/9034-Post-up-your-drawer-storage-system?highlight=drawer+system (This website, Expedition Portal, is the best resource on the web for this sort of thing.)

    There are also about a dozen other great manufacturers other than Truck Vault that are doing great products for much less money. ARB, Slee, AT Overland Products, and on and on.

    Have fun and good luck with the project!


  3. GREAT!…just F-ing GREAT! as if i needed another thing to obsess over. I’m building a (i dont know what to call it yet) car camping kitchen thing for the family Xterra. Looks like I’ll be adding a few things.

  4. Eh. Hate to see his truck get stolen.
    “Needing” a system like this versus “wanting” one are two different things. Doesn’t do it for me. Keeping it simple does. Finding a place to keep the fishing gear is the last of my worries on a road trip and we do lots of them.

  5. I’ve been trying to figure out a DIY system for this for a while, but over the last several years, my vehicles have been switching too fast to justify the investment. I did have a system for my conventional gear for a while, but it was super simple, and easier than anything for my fly gear that I’ve figured out yet. I might have to check these companies out, thanks for the tip-off.

  6. Louis,
    Thanks for the pub and write up of the Vault. Its an awesome piece of gear that…yes, serves my OCD needs. But, more importantly it works great as a secure place for me to store all my fishing, bird hunting and dig supplies.
    It provides a cozy place to sleep when camping, a great sitting area when gearing up and a perfect place to cook food on the grill.
    Also (as a rep) I burn through vehicles every few years. With the Vault, I have moved it to three different Tundra’s. Makes my initial purchase well worth the investment.

  7. I’m seriously considering modding out my Hilux for this. Not for overnight storage but because after you’ve put in nets, trolling motors, batteries and boat seats (I fish with a disabled guy regularly so bank seats are essential too), your constantly paranoid about broken rods due to the heavy kit in the back. This could be the ticket for my go anywhere day ticket fishing mobile. Carp anglers have their Transit Vans, we have modded Pickups lol.

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