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This week’s Saturday Shoutout we bring you three fly fishing reads. The first, is about a lake  that I’ve been dreaming about fly fishing for years, famous for its giant rainbow trout. The second, is a short read that talks about the feelings we all get after losing the battle with a trophy fish. The last, is a fly fishing instructional post that talks about a subject I bring up with clients regularly. Enjoy the reads and may all of you have a great weekend. Thanks for tuning into Gink & Gasoline.’s take on Jurassic Lake

Jurassic Lake

I’ve heard so many stories about the gigantic rainbow trout in this lake. I’m dying to make a trip here. Are you interested in what the average day of fly fishing here brings the average angler? Check out’s recap from a recent trip that paints a clear picture of what one should expect if they make the trip to fish it. Fly Fishing Jurassic Lake

Chronicles of Cod – Talks about the feelings that follow after losing a trophy


Have you recently been fishing and felt the heart break of losing a trophy fish? I know I have recently, and when I read this short read from Chronicles of Cod, it made me feel a little better about my past lost catches. It all happens to us at some point, some more than others. Hell, it happened to my client today, who pulled the hook on his biggest rainbow trout ever. Click here to read the article.

HatchMag Talks about Setting the Hook with Nymphs


Do you ever find yourself not setting the hook when you’re nymph fishing because you think it’s the bottom? If you answered yes, it’s ok, you’re not alone. One of the most common mistakes novice nymph fisherman make, is not setting the hook enough. You can’t hook fish if you don’t set the hook. talks about this nymphing no-no in great detail.

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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Outsmarting Fish, Chronicles of Cod & HatchMag

  1. The nymphing article is so very true. Every nympher goes through this problem of , was that a fish or the bottom? Hook sets don’t have to be huge, just one inch fast. The best thing about hook sets are that they are free of charge, so use them. The good thing about the one inch fast method is, if it is the bottom or a rock, you are not ripping you line out of the water and you just added a little movement to your rig that can trigger a strike.

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