2 Hand Surf Casting Tips From Tim Rajeff: Video

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Surf fly-fishing is becoming more popular and with it a new style of 2 hand rods.

Anglers fishing the surf with fly rods know all too well the fatigue that comes with repeatedly hucking a line a hundred feet int the ocean. To solve that problem many surf anglers are turning to 2 hand beach rods. These long, powerful rods trade in the double haul for a smooth 2 hand casting stroke with a compact range of motion. Thanks to the power of the long rod that hundred foot cast becomes almost effortless.

When Tim Rajeff told me Echo would be releasing the new Beach Boost for the surf crowd, I knew a lot of our readers would be intrigued and many equally perplexed. The world of 2 hand overhead casting is pretty small and plenty of anglers will surely not know where to start. Fortunately, Tim was all too happy to give us a few tips on casting these cool new rods.

You can get more info about the Echo Beach Boost HERE.

Watch the video for Tim Rajeff’s 2 hand overhead casting tips.

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4 thoughts on “2 Hand Surf Casting Tips From Tim Rajeff: Video

  1. Interesting info. May I ask what line you do you recommend using with this method?
    I’ve been using an AF Rage, or Rio Outbound Stealth.

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