Innovative Fly Rods From Echo: Video

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Echo usually means hearing something you’ve heard before, but not when it comes to fly rods.

The coming year is a big one for Rajeff Sports and Echo Fly Rods. There are 7 new rods in the Echo line-up and most of them are wildly different from fly rods you’ve seen before. There are some updates to proven Echo models and some rods which evolved from old favorites but there are also gems like a single hand spey model, a two-hand surf rod and an amazing fiberglass big game rod which runs all the way up to 12 weight.

You can always count on Tim Rajeff for a pleasant surprise and you can always count on Echo for fly rods that perform at a price that will make you smile.

Check out this video to see some of the new rods from Echo.

Louis Cahill
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4 thoughts on “Innovative Fly Rods From Echo: Video

  1. Would love to see some footage of Tim casting that 2 handed salt rod. IMO this has been one of the most needed rod designs. Guys down in FL have begun using spey rods as they’ve realized that double hauling 60-70ft of line in wind is just going to tear your should apart over time. Echo’s foresight and creative design decisions continue to impress me on top of there high quality products.

  2. A resounding YES on the two-handed surf rod. I have a spey rod that I overhand cast in the surf, very interested in trying a rod designed for two-hand OH casting.


    PS: Tim, fwiw corbina are short-cast game fish, in the skinniest of the wave wash. 10′ – 30′ mostly…

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