Saturday Shoutout / Two Wolves, No Waiting

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This weeks Shout out is all about wolves. Two very different wolves with a lot in common.

First, a fascinating documentary, titled “How Wolves Change Rivers,” from the group Sustainable Man. The film explains how the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone National Park has changed, not only the echo system but the actual geography or the rivers. Changes that have improved habitat for fish as well as other species in the park. I’ve fished Yellowstone for many years and seen some of these changes myself. The science is fascinating, once you get past the fact that Brits apparently call elk, deer.

How Wolves Change Rivers


Our second wolf today is the River Wolf, the great Mongolian taimen. Guide Jako Lucus chronically a season guiding for taimen on the Ur river in Mongolia for The Simms Wading room. The taimen is a bucket list species for every fly angler and it’s great to get a positive report on the rivers where they thrive.

Long Live The River Wolf



Louis Cahill
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6 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Two Wolves, No Waiting

  1. Louis, my wife put me on this video last week. Amazing! My family and I are super connected with anything going on at YNP. While at a FFF conclave a year or so back my daughter signed up with a Park Naturalist to track a collared wolf. After 3 hours of hiking they actually saw it and snapped some pictures. She’ll remember the moment the rest of her life.
    Thanks and keep up the good work! We appreciate it.

  2. Very cool. Having worked and lived in the park for a couple years, its good to see anything portraying the wolves in a positive manner, and not the usual rancher banter you would hear around the YNP area.

  3. I can’t believe you posted this….it amazes me how people take this video at face value. Wolves do not change rivers!
    Do some research and open your mind beyond what the media tells you!

  4. It amazing how intertwined it all is. What else is amazing is, if you think about it, is thats just one ecosystem alterd in a positive way by the reintroduction on one animal. How many other habitas and ecosystems can be rehabilitated back to what it was and maybe better if we put back what was there and just leave it alone.God’s creation is perfect, its our alterartions and modifications that make things imperfect, but through His Grace it can be made perfect again if we ask and have faith.

  5. “Moose” is a term used in the Americas for what the Europeans call elk. To further confuse things, the european red deer (or stag) is similar in appearance to our “elk”, and I suspect that is why the “elk” in question would be referred to as a “deer”.

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