Saturday Shoutout / The Long Shot For Carp

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This weeks shoutout offers solace for the carp junky.

Long Shot” a film by The Fly Collective features two of my favorite Colorado anglers, Erin Block and Jay Zimmerman. Erin and Jay do more than philosophize on the nature of carp fishing in this film, they lay a healthy smack down on some nice Colorado carp. If you are a carp junkie, this film will get you through some cold winter nights.

If you are not familiar with Erin and Jay you should check out there work. The each have their own fly fishing site. Erin’s “Mysteries Internal” is quite possibly the best written fishing site on the web and Jay’s “Colorado Fishing Reports” is a must read for anyone fishing the square state.


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3 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / The Long Shot For Carp

  1. Cool vid. I liked the reading in the beginning a lot. Carp are cool as hell and provide some of the most challenging fishing you’ll encounter. Can’t wait for my next Michigan trip in June!

  2. They are fishing for carp behind a housing development. Yet in the distance are beautiful snow covered mountains. I would drive the extra hour and go after a beautiful trout in a natural setting any day.

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