Saturday Shoutout / Hook Shots Gets Weird

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Tim Romano is “not on drugs,” but he should be.

In this weeks shoutout Tim hits the road to weirdness in the Arizona desert with Joe Cermele and Dale Merry. A perfectly normal bass trip gets out of hand. When the wind picks up, the pants come off and the carp come on. See the worlds larges goldfish and smallest striper!

Maybe it was the peyote.

Hook Shots, Arizona Bass and Desert Weirdness


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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / Hook Shots Gets Weird

  1. Definitely entertaining. Gets me excited about doing some carp fishing. Can’t wait to get back up to Michigan this year and fish the Huron River for carp and smallies. Last year’s carp action was insane. And speaking of goldfish…there’s a goldfish in one of our local, public lakes that someone released a few years ago. I saw it last week for the first time this year since it warmed up. I swear this thing has to be 8-10lbs. It’s freakin ginormous!

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