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Kirk Deeter is the man!

I don’t know of anyone who gets more universal respect in the fly fishing world than Kirk Deeter. Not only is Kirk one of the smartest and most knowledgeable folks to ever hold a rod, his head and his heart are in the right place as well. When Kirk Deeter talks, everyone listens. Especially me.

That’s why I’m glad that Kirk has taken on the topic of competitive fly fishing. This piece he has written for Fly Talk is spot on. It’s not a condemnation of competitive fly fishing, nor is it some airy fairy ethical argument based on ascetics. It’s a very honest look at some real problems with the idea of competitive fly fishing for trout.

Kirks ideas are worth your time whether or not you ever intend to compete.

Check out

“Why I’m Not Sure Competitive (Trout) Fly Fishing Will Ever Work”

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6 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Deeter on Competitive Fly Fishing

  1. Im glad you guys are recognizing other blogs and websites’ work. I read you guys’ stuff every single mornin at school (we use computers all freakin day long), and I want to support you guys as much as i can, but with your “Gink Stuff” link not workin..i cant really do that lol

  2. Competitive fly fishing has been around for a very long time, since the 1800’s, iirc.

    Competition-wise it’s a lot more like, say, Cross Country than Football. If you know XC you know they do all compete against each other intensely, but they also willingly help each other achieve their best. It’s really a band of brothers (and sisters!) and my understanding is that competitive fly fishing is similar.

    While I’ve never done competitive fly fishing, I sure have stolen a lot of their techniques, like Euro-nymphing, etc. I frequent at least one competitive fly fishing website on almost a daily basis, the information freely shared there is a gold mine.


  3. Concerning Kirk Deeter…. Louis, I presume you are a regular reader of FLY TALK. As such, I have to wonder if you read Mr.Deeter’s post from this past October 14? His topic was fishing for stocked trout, in which, among other things, he expressed his opinion(s) on the merits of fishing for wild trout versus stocked trout. More than a few of the readers who posted remarks to Mr. Deeter’s blog post were offended by Mr. Deeter’s remarks and wrote to tell him so. By the way, I was not one of them.

    Mr. Deeter posted further on his blog in attempts to clarify his meaning and position, meeting with no success in soothing those who were offended. And while I can completely understand both sides of the issue, it is my feeling that the readers of FLY TALK who were offended, had good reason to be.

    Now, coincidence or not, a few days ago you posted on fishing for stocked trout as well. Please allow me to say that the prologue (the first three paragraphs) to the “meat and potatoes” portion of your post were right on the mark, in my opinion.

    I understand, as you have expressed in this (today’s) post, that Mr. Deeter is highly thought of in the world of fly fishing. But, I would submit that he would do well to spend some time reading your blog and taking to heart, your words on fishing for stocked trout.

    Well done sir, and thank you for that.

  4. To your immediate point, Jim, I do indeed read Gink + Gasoline quite regularly, because I think the world of Louis, and Kent, and I think this is one of, if not THE, most happening places for honest exchanges on issues re. fly fishing these days. These guys are so far ahead of the norm. I’ve fished with them both. I have Louis’ art hanging in my living room. They are the real deal, and the respect factor cannot and should not be questioned. I could go on, and on, and on in that regard.

    What I was saying about stocked trout… I stand by every word. Stocked trout are wonderful, for what they are, and they have opened many avenues for me in this world over the years. But they should be measured in context. A 28-inch triploid rainbow dropped in a private stream is NOT the same trophy as a wild 28-inch fish, no matter how you slice it. If you consider that an affront, I’m sorry, but I encourage you to endeavor to discover the real difference for yourself.

    And as for competition, the only true, fair, competition for any angler in a trout context is a personal deal. Yes, I get the promo aspect, and I want to see the profile enhanced. But not at the expense of resources… and not at the expense of reality.

    • KDD: Your points are all well taken by me. In addition, I travel the western regions of North America for the opportunity to experience a variety of fish in a variety of locations. So, your encouragement for me to “endeavor to discover the real difference” between stocked and wild fish is appreciated, but not necessary.

      My reality is that I live not so far down Interstate-25 from you, in a state that does not have the financial or natural resources to facilitate widespread access to the type of fishing or fish you are advocating. That said, my day-to-day fishing is primarily for smallish hatchery-reared triploids (hence, the traveling) and I am as happy to have those opportunities as I am for the trips I have taken in hopes of trophy-class trout, because that is what’s routinely available.

      As I said: Your points are well taken. And no, your remarks are in no way an affront. You (and every other angler) are completely entitled to your opinions, feelings and priorities. If I understand our exchange correctly, for you, your fishing is about the fish. Whereas for me, my fishing is about getting the chance to fish. God blesses both of us.

      We are each a product of our experiences and I posted my remarks to this topic of Mr. Cahill’s because his words closely align with my outlook. Again, consider where I live…. Plus, he specifically revisited a lot of the same territory concerning stocked v. wild trout as you did on your blog; which I referenced here to illustrate the points that are similar and those that are not – along with noting the differences of opinion among those making comments to your post. My feelings are obviously in the minority among the commenters on your site.

      While I understand and accept your position on this matter, Louis has swung his streamer enticingly through my run.

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