Saturday Shoutout / Carpocalypse

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By Dan Frasier

On the 13th of June 2015, also known as today, Costa, Scientific Angler, CarpPro and the Orvis Portland store have teamed up to host a the world’s largest online carp on the fly tournament.

There is an obsession amongst carp on the fly anglers, possibly an unhealthy obsession, with introducing more and more flyfishermen to what we consider the pinnacle of flyfishing. I’m not sure why this is. It could be a way to try to justify our obsession with what has been considered an unworthy fish.

You see, we know if you try it you’ll realize they are the most challenging target in fresh water and stop teasing us for fishing for trash fish. Or perhaps we altruistically believe we’ve found one of the most entertaining ways to spend a day on the water and want you to share the joy too. Or maybe we think if the mighty carp becomes more accepted as a target, more people living in more places will pick up the flyrod for the first time, and we can grow the tent of the sport we love so dearly.

Regardless of the reason, carp flyfishermen are hell bent on getting our fish educated by others, our spots filled up with new fishermen and our flats crowded. If it seems a little insane, it probably is. We are full-grown adults that choose to chase carp with a flyrod, after all.

One of the outgrowths of all of this outreach by the carp community is the creation of many carp on the fly tournaments around the country. Dozens of places host major events with live music, food, beer, and great prizes, for anglers who chase carp. Sponsors have lined up, and continue to line up to support these events and in most ways they’ve been a resounding success.

The big drawback is that a fisherman must be able to travel to the location hosting the event. Often that entails the ability to take an entire weekend away from the family, find a place to stay and have some idea about the water they’ll be on. That’s a tall order for most and not a very good way to bring casual anglers into the fray. Only the most devoted fishermen have the ability to put in that kind of time for a carp tourney. And even if you wanted to, you have to be local.

 On the 13th of June all that is about to change.

Costa, Scientific Angler, CarpPro and the Orvis Portland store have teamed up to host a massive online carp on the fly tournament. The rules are simple. The event runs from the 13th of June through the 28th. Each day we’ll announce the contest for that day.

Perhaps it will be for the biggest fish, or the ugliest, or smallest. Any fish caught between the 13th and 28th will qualify. So you don’t have to catch the fish the day that contest is announced. If you can only get out one day in that stretch and you catch 5 fish, you could win 5 different contests as they are announced.

Entry is free and the prizes will be RIDICULOUS. Already nearly than 200 anglers have signed up to participate and that number will only to grow. This is gonna be more fun than is legal. Well, maybe excluding Colorado and Washington. So get to the site, get signed up and get to fishing!

Here is the link for my details and to register.



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