Sunday Classic / The Double Haul

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Spred Your Wings and Haul Photo by Louis Cahill

A good double haul is curtail wherever you’re fishing. Never more than in salt water. A lot of anglers, however, find it mystifying. Here’s Capt Joel Dicky to explain how you can have a great double haul.

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Louis Cahill
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5 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / The Double Haul

  1. Some good advice on “fine tuning” the double haul with mimicking (haul distance in relation to length of line outside of the tip) and haul speed in relation to wind strength – save energy!!!

  2. I think timing, and the angle of the haul are of utmost importance for increasing line speed and haul efficiency too. Haul late, coinciding with your powersnap late in the stroke, or better still, as the rod passes perpendicular. Ensure your haul is paralell with the rod blank on both the back, and foreward casts: not at 90 odd degrees, generating friction against your stripping guide, robbing you of line speed and often pulling the rod tip off track. Great stuff.


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