The Patagonia Trout McNugget

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By Louis Cahill

Think trout flies should be small? Think again!

Ok this is admittedly a bunch of silliness, but where else are you going to see a trout eat a chicken nugget? Yep, an actual chicken nugget. I don’t know if this compromises our journalistic integrity or angling ethics but it’s funny as hell.

Justin and I were down in Argentina and there were some pet trout in the spring creek by the place we were staying. No one fished for these bruisers, it was just fun to watch 30 inch trout hanging out by the deck. When we found out they stayed by the deck because the staff fed then table scraps, well, we couldn’t help ourselves.

The fishing in Argentine Patagonia is truly amazing. Why not join me there this February and see for yourself. Click here for details.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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