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Adipose Boatworks Product Review. Photo Louis Cahill

Every year at the IFTD show Louis and I check out all the boats on the floor and pick one to showcase for all of our readers. This year’s featured boat manufacturer was Adipose Boatworks. We chose to showcase them because the craftsmanship and functionality in their boats are top notch and their eye for design is also very unique in many ways. It also didn’t hurt that we hit it off with the owners, Tracy Allen and Mike Ward right off the bat, which both happen to be veteran fly fishing guides. Listening to the owners talk about their Flow Skiff, we quickly realized it was our kind of boat.

For those of you that guide or simply just own your own drift boat, raft or skiff, there’s always those little design flaws here and there in our boats that give us grief on the water. They don’t keep us from catching fish, they’re just a constant annoyance. We all deal with them but if we could fix them with the snap of our fingers, all of us would do it in a heart beat. That’s bascially what Tracy Allen did at Adipose Boatworks when he designed his Flow Skiff from the bottom up, and that’s why I think this boat is unique and worthy for all to take a closer look at.


There’s tons of really cool features on the Flow Skiff that you won’t necessarily find on other boats in the market. And I don’t know about you, but when you hear a boat builder and veteran guide say, ” I’ve owned and rowed just about all of the boats out there and when I designed the Flow Skiff, I made a point to keep the things I loved about each, and eliminate or improve on the things I disliked”. That comment got my attention real quick. I wish I could tell you that I’ve rowed one of these beauties but I haven’t. All I can tell you is I’ve talked with people that own them and everything I hear about them is the Flow Skiff is one of the most fish friendly and rower friendly watercraft on the market. I hope to fish and row one very soon.

Some of the features we liked on the Flow Skiff model we viewed at the show.

  • High Side Height (Provides added safety and comfort over traditional skiffs)
  • Open Interior Boat Layout (Full walk around design and has plenty of room to center coolers and other gear)
  • Easily Accessible 10′ Open Rod Trays (Easily accommodating three rods on each side tray)
  • Springfield Powered Pedestal Seats (Allows you to raise seat height to “Standing Height)
  • Quick Rower Seat Adjustment (Only takes seconds to adjust)
  • Rowers Dry Box and High Back Seat
  • Floor Mats Front and Back
  • Triple Roller Trailer (For easy loading and unloading) with side bunks, spare tire well, jack stand and premium galvanization.

Check out the product video of the Flow Skiff as we interview Tracy Allen and Mike Ward at the IFTD show in Las Vegas. They provide a background of how and why this unique skiff design was born, and also talk about a number of the great features of the Flow Skiff.

The Flow Skiff from Adipose Boatworks Retails from $9195-$10,795. This price includes the Trailer, Sawyer Oars, Oar Locks and Anchor. If you’re looking to get a one of a kind Flow Skiff the shop can customize a wide range of options upon request.  Read all the details about the Flow Skiff here.

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11 thoughts on “Adipose Boatworks Review

  1. Really cool boat, and yes, very different from most. I really like the storage on the sides of the boat. The rod trays are a great idea. Rods are kept out of the way and safe from damage, but are super easy to get to. The ability to walk around the boat is awesome as well. You don’t get that in other drift boats since most have a bench in the middle where the row seat is.

  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY ADDY!!! The F L O W has the best clearance, entry exit and visibility for northern Michigan Rivers, it can maneuver through some very tight and difficult cedar laden waters. Thought I would miss the bench seat and storage, not at all; it has plenty of space for all the necessities and in the right places> The lines, design and every aspect of the Skiff is very sexy, I get heads turning on every float. Highly recommend the Adipose Boatworks Gang. Look forward to more developments from the crew in Helena MT.
    Tight Lines,

    • Jeff,

      There’s definitely some features that I’m not used to having in my drift boat that I wish I had. It might be time for me to clean up mine and put a for sale sign on it. I’m ready for a change.


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