The Future of Tarpon and Bonefish Depend on What You Do Today

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Capt Bruce Chard Guides Kent to the Fish of a Lifetime

Capt Bruce Chard Guides Kent to the Fish of a Lifetime

There is no feeling, that I know of, which compares to landing, and holding a live tarpon.

It is, in my opinion, the ultimate fly fishing conquest. To best the Silver King in both wits and brawn is the ultimate proof of one’s angling chops. Once accomplished, there is but one thing left to prove your mettle. To prove that you are the real deal. To release that fish unharmed.

A tarpon like the one here can be over eighty years old. A gold medalist in the games of natural selection. The best of the best of her species. Only a very special fish can grow to replace her. Many will die trying and for the one in many that does replace her, it will take well over half a century.

Considering the decline we have seen in Florida’s game fish in the last few decades I think it’s fair to ask:

How many tarpon will there be, eighty years from now?

Will your great grandchild experience the thrill of landing one?

There are a great many folks who, frankly, don’t care. The ones who’s idea of being important is killing one of these great fish. Maybe getting their name in a book. I’m guessing if you follow Gink and Gasoline you are not one of them, but don’t kid yourself, there are more of them than there are of us.

If we want to save this great species we must act now!

And I mean now. There will be an important vote on Wednesday, June 12th to change tarpon and bonefish regulations in Florida. The changes, although not complete protection, are substantive, important, and the result of a long hard battle. It is crucial that they pass.

To ensure this, we must speak out now! (email the commission)

You can get all of the details from Save the Tarpon (HERE).

The nuts and bolts of it are this.

Final Rules for Tarpon and Bonefish – The proposed final rules would make tarpon and bonefish catch-and-release-only. To accomplish this, the allowance for a tarpon bag limit would be eliminated and replaced with an allowance for possession of a single tarpon in conjunction with a tarpon tag for the purpose of pursuing an International Game Fish Association (IGFA) record. In addition, all tarpon regulations will be extended into adjacent federal waters. The existing bonefish tournament exemption that allows registered tournament anglers to possess a bonefish for the purposes of transporting it to the tournament scale would also be eliminated.

These regulations, if implemented, will save a lot of fish. Furthermore, they would improve the level of sportsmanship in the tarpon fishing community and possibly be the start of some real conservation. Conserving these fish seriously need.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be heard on this important issue. Follow the link and help save tarpon and bonefish for future generations.

(email the commission)


Please share this post. Please help get it in front of as many anglers as possible, today!

I would personally like to say thank you for supporting this cause.

I’d like to say a big thank you to Save The Tarpon, from the entire Gink and Gasoline family

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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20 thoughts on “The Future of Tarpon and Bonefish Depend on What You Do Today

  1. These fish are a national treasure for sure and should be treated as such!

    No stranger to the mighty Tarpon, I landed 140lber just a couple of years ago, it’s a memory that will never leave.

    Done deal and keep up the great work your doing. Side note, more spey stuff would be great.


  2. Submitted an e-mail to the commission a moment ago. Will keep my fingers crossed for the June 12th vote.

    Thanks for bringing this important issue to the blogosphere.

  3. Do you know of any outfits who have tagged tarpon? It would be interesting to see where one of these old fish has gone over its life.

    • Only what I’ve heard second hand. Never seen the data myself. Apparently gps tags have never yielded much real information about tarpon habits. They remain a mysterious fish.

  4. Just sent in the form. I hope that wednesday will be a momentous day for the fishing community! Conservation is just as important as the catch itself. Not letting those fish swim off in better shape than you landed them is just plain selfish! Please, keep us updated as the events unfold.
    Tight Lines!

  5. Down in the keys right now and heard on US 1 radio the motion passed, catch and release. Only exception is if you have a record tag…. Oh happy days

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