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Hang on Tight Andrew!  Photo by Louis Cahill

Hang on Tight Andrew! Photo by Louis Cahill

Toothy and generally ill tempered, barracuda are a blast to catch on the fly.

Their vicious attack is almost unbelievable to watch. My buddy Andrew Bennett holds a nice one here for a sub-surface hero shot.

The Bahamians eat them. Barracuda are generally not edible because they eat poisonous reef fish and store the toxins. Eating one in the Florida Keys will kill you. The cuda that live on the flats can be safe, but it’s a risk. The Bahamians have a test. They cut out the fish’s liver and touch it to their tongue, if it makes their tongue numb they throw it out, if not they eat it.

Barracuda are not so cautious, they eat everything. The cuda in the Bahamas are notoriously aggressive. I met a guide who was attacked by one. It bit his leg with such force that it broke the bone, not to mention what those teeth did to him. Hummmm, let’s skip the release shot Andrew.

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / Careful Where You Point That Thing

  1. Have gotten cuda on the fly… Twice. A great side dish. They do a number on the fly. Take a shot of the fish and then of the fly after release!

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