Saturday Shoutout / Fly Fishing GTs!

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The other day a reader told me,

that one of the things he loved about G&G was that we gave, “Actionable advice on real fly fishing. Not just stuff like fly fishing for GTs that normal guys don’t get to do.”

Damn him! Ever since he said that, I can’t get my mind off of GT fishing. I can already see that conversation costing me thousands. Well, if I’m going to be poor you might as well too.

Here’s an almost random collection of GT action.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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2 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Fly Fishing GTs!

  1. OMG died and gone to heaven at any one of these venues. I had a friend who went to Seychelles and said it was best nonstop big bonefish action ever.

  2. Been to Christmas Island three times. The “mind blowing” action in this video isn’t normal, unless the GT are being chummed onto the flats. Not normal for GT’s to hang around that long. I saw the chumming going on last time I was there and really wasn’t impressed. (Look closely at the guide sitting on the boat at about 7+ minutes.) You don’t fly 1/2 way around the world to fish shoulder to shoulder with three other people (I’m not exaggerating here!). Not my cup of tea.
    Go to Christmas, its a wonderful place! But don’t expect GT fishing like they show in this film. I did catch a few GT’s – they are awesome fish in every regard. You will have incredible bonefish fishing – worth the trip on its own merit! Can’t speak for the other locations – haven’t been there.

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