Louis’s Saltwater Casting Drill

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There’s no debate, practicing your casting makes you a more effective angler.

But all practice is not created equal. Simply heading down to the park and hucking as much line as possible doesn’t accomplish much. A while back we published a practice routine recommended by Tim Rajeff. If you haven’t seen that video, you should check it out. Any angler can benefit from Tim’s practice plan.

Today I’m going to add my own casting drill. This is a saltwater specific drill that works on a couple of techniques commonly used in saltwater fly fishing. It simulates making three presentations to a moving fish and it requires several tasks at once.

I lay out 3 hula-hoops in a line. The first at 40 feet, the next at 60 feet and the last at 80 feet. If you can’t cast 80 feet just shorten the gaps and work with the cast you have. I then step to the side so the three rings appear as a diagonal line. Starting in my ready position, I cast to the first ring, then pick up the line and cast to the second ring, and then the third. I do all of this with no false casting.

Don’t stress out about hitting the center of the rings. Your accuracy will improve with practice. Work on making the presentations efficiently without false casting, by shooting your line to the target. Pick the line up slow and smooth so your fly will not make noise and spook the fish. Work on making the three casts as quickly and accurately as possible.

I like this fly casting drill because it teaches several techniques in a realistic fishing scenario. If you can hit those three targets quietly in 10 seconds or less you’re going to do well on the water. It’s easier than it sounds. Just stay focused and keep practicing.

For the gear-heads, I’m casting the new Winston B3 Plus 11wt with an ARC tarpon 11wt line and a Nautilus NV-Monster. This is a perfect tarpon setup.

Note: I apologize for the low-rez video. This was a spontaneous idea and my wife shot it with my IPhone. It’s not bad and gets the point across.

Watch this video to learn Louis’s saltwater casting drill.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Louis’s Saltwater Casting Drill

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  2. Great drill, I’m struggling with the cast from 60 to 80. I think I’m struggling loading the rod enough on the back cast to make the distance to 80. I think I may be shooting too much line on the back cast and losing some power.

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