4 Flats Accessories From Simms That I Can’t Live Without.

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A Great Day on the Flats Photo by Louis Cahill

A Great Day on the Flats Photo by Louis Cahill

When you set off on a trip to an exotic location for a little flats fishing it’s important to have the gear you need.

Islands known for great saltwater fly fishing aren’t usually known for having great fly shops. It’s often a major ordeal just to come up with some sun screen or batteries. It’s smart to take what you need. Being stuck on an island for a week without essential gear really sucks.

Here are four pieces of inexpensive flats gear that I love and count on, that all happen to come from Simms.

simms-sunsleeve-saltwater-trioSimms Sunsleeves $29.95

I am dead serious about sun protection. When I am fishing in the tropics keeping safe in the sun is job #1. I was skeptical about the Sunsleeves at first but after a couple of my buddies started wearing them and raving about them I decided to give them a try. They’ve become one of my favorite pieces of gear. With Sunsleeves you get the protection of long sleeves while you enjoy the comfort and range of motion you get from a short sleeve shirt. Plus, you can go without them in the mornings and evenings and put them on when the sun is at its worst. It’s great! And from a dollars and cents point of view it’s cheaper than sleeves. Long sleeve flats shirts cost $10 more than short sleeves, so the Sunsleeves pay for themselves. (GET ‘EM HERE)

SI47SNG2STSimms sun gloves $24.95

Sun gloves are absolutely essential for me. Being able to keep the sun off of my hands when the sun gets high is not a luxury, it’s mandatory. I’ve used several styles of sun gloves and these are my favorites. Cool and well fitted with open palms these gloves have abrasion-resistant pads where you grip the rod and line. They hold up really well and keep you from getting line cuts as well. I love that they snap together for storing so you make it to the boat with both of them. (GET ‘EM HERE)

SI40SOMBGMSimms Solar Sombrero $29.95

Ball caps have become the uniform for fly anglers, but I’m here to tell you there’s a better way. This wide brimmed SPF 50+ nylon hat is cool, comfortable and offers the maximum in shade. You just don’t feel the sun like you do in a ball cap. And you see fish better because there is less light making it behind your glasses. It’s a no brainier. (GET ‘EM HERE)

SI46ZPBTGYSimms Zippit booties $79.95

Hands down the best flats boots on the market. The Zippits are easy to get in and out of in a hurry, when you want to chase a tailer. They are remarkably comfortable and simply bulletproof. The neoprene upper fits snug and keeps sand out for all-day comfort while the vulcanized rubber lower and grip toe give me the confidence to wade anywhere and not worry about getting stuck by some rusty piece of flats trash. The heavy duty YKK zipper is nearly maintenance free. Just rinse the sand out at the end of the day and it’ll never let you down. I’ve tried tons of flats boots and these are the bomb. (GET ‘EM HERE)

Don’t caught on the flats without the gear you need. These four essentials are practical, affordable and Simms quality will last you for years. Don’t hit the flats without them.
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Louis Cahill
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4 thoughts on “4 Flats Accessories From Simms That I Can’t Live Without.

  1. No comments? very selective audience..
    I have the Zipit Booties and they are effin great!
    I fish for smallies and stuff like that in northern michigan lakes and I like to jump out of my boat to get on shore, or control my boat from the water and they are typically rocky bottoms (if its not rocky, you might not fishing the right place), and of course I use them for general wade and casting. I only used them this past summer but they held up awesome..no wear or tare. I also use them for swimming because I like to get out the snorkel and check out habitat and baitfish. There are actually lots of uses for these. I plan to keep using them, well worth the small investment.

  2. Those sun sleeves are needed as much as a strike indicator……go to a thrift store find a long sleeved white tshirt and you will be just fine, plus side you wont look like a hank out there. The only people i see wearing those sleeves are gingers rafting down a river, haha

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