3 Reasons I like To Fish The Bahamas In January

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By Louis Cahill

I’ve been fishing South Andros, in the Bahamas, for bonefish every January for about a decade.

I’ve fished there, and other spots in the Bahamas, during every season and the fishing has always been good for me, but I think January is my favorite time to visit. The fishing is much of the reason, but there are a couple of other things that make January special.

Big Bonefish

January Donkey

January Donkey

January is a great month for big fish. Especially when there has been a lot of rain. Many anglers shy away from the winter months because the weather can be unpredictable, but there is a big upside to that weather. Cooler temperatures, meaning days in the 70s, encourage smaller fish to school up in deeper spots, leaving a higher percentage of big fish on the flats. Rain oxygenates the water, bringing out the larger crabs and other tasty creatures. That, in turn brings in the big ocean bones.

Your chances of landing a double-digit bonefish are better then than at any other time. This year was a great example. I can’t remember a time I saw more really big bonefish on the flats. Several of the folks attending the January bonefish school landed double-digit fish. For a couple of them, it was their first bonefish trip. That’s pretty exciting.

It’s A Great Reboot

DSCF8544bWhen January rolls around, I need a break. I’m worn out from the hustle of the holidays and, even here in the Southeast, I’m ready for a break from the cold weather. The photos on the right show Josie, my potcake dog, playing in the snow and the view at Bair’s Lodge just a few days later. A week of bonefishing on beautiful white sand flats and sipping cocktails on the beach is just what I need to recharge for the coming year. I have always loved the idea of a winter vacation and I can’t think of a better way to spend it than bonefishing in the Bahamas.

The Price is Right

Well, it is if you join our Bonefish school. I’ve worked pretty hard to make this trip affordable for everyone. Our School at Bair’s Lodge is only $3975/angler. The regular rate is $5975. That’s a pretty significant savings.

DSCF6655You get 6 days of guided fishing, chef-prepared meals, an open and well-stocked bar, and an amazing staff. But wait, there’s more! LOL! (Yes, this is the sales pitch) The bonefish school is also a great educational opportunity. I do a couple of in-depth workshops that cover a broad range of techniques and strategies for successful bonefishing. I work with anglers one on one, helping them with casting, gear, and anything else they need to be successful. My goal is to help anglers become self-sufficient saltwater anglers, and this week-long immersion is the best way I know to do it. All of the educational stuff is totally optional. No pressure. We are there to have fun—first, last and always.

Whether you join me on a hosted trip, or not, give January in the Bahamas a shot. I think you’ll find yourself returning during the winter months for a good Bahamian re-boot. When you land that ten-pound bone, have a Kalik for me!

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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2 thoughts on “3 Reasons I like To Fish The Bahamas In January

  1. I assume by now everyone’s aware of Lefty’s passing a week ago. He passed peacefully with family by his side. We both had mutual best friends and I know that Norm fished South Andros with Lefty and loved the area for large bones.

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