Saturday’s Shoutout / Fly Patterns and Cheap Tungsten Beads

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This week’s Saturday Shoutout we showcase some really cool fly patterns and also show you where you can buy cheap tungsten beads.

Strawberry PMD Emerger

I really liked how this pattern has the high-vis post pulled through the foam. That’s a brilliant tying method that will allow you to keep a visual on this low riding Pale Morning Dun emerger during the drift. Grant Bench ties this pattern and you can find a full recipe list, and step-by-step photo tutorial on the Outsmarting Fish Blog. Pale Morning Duns mayflies are notorious for having problems hatching. For every dun that hatches there are several cripples that fail to emerge successfully. Trout often key in on the cripples because they are easier to feed on. Try fishing this emerger pattern solo for selectively feeding trout or tie it off the back of PMD dun adult pattern. Another thing I love about this pattern is that it’s easy to tie and you can customize the colors to match many other species of mayflies. Tie some up and let us know how it works for you.

Hackled Skip Nymph

Skip Morris’s, Hackled Skip Nymph

The famous Skip Morris, an author, speaker, and professional fly tier invented the Hackled Skip Nymph, and it’s a nymph pattern that we think every fly angler should have in their fly box. It’s buggy profile does a great job of imitating mayflies to stoneflies, and fly tiers can take it a step further by tying this pattern in several different sizes and colors combinations. This pattern will catch fish just about anywhere and it’s reasonably easy to tie.

For a step-by-step photo tutorial and more information about Skip Morris please visit this link Hackled Skip Nymph. While you’re on the site take the time to check out the other great fly fishing and fly tying articles provided on Skip’s website. We think you’ll enjoy them thoroughly.

Cheap Bulk Tungsten Beads

Are you having problems finding bulk packages of tungsten beads? Look no further, Rips Lips Fishing offers a nice selection of tungsten beads in packages of 100, starting at $11.99. They even have tungsten hot beads. We’ve done business with them several times and we’ve been very happy with their products and customer service. If you’re a serious fly tier like we are, we figured you’d appreciate the heads up on this great vendor.

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