Saturday Shoutout / Midcurrent Talks Streamers With Kelly Galloup

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The name Kelly Galloup has become synonymous with streamer fishing.

Kelly’s book “Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout” shaped the tactics of a generation of fly fishers. It’s popularity established Kelly as the ‘go to’ expert on the subject of streamer fishing. This week Midcurrent talks to the streamer man about his theories on streamer design and tactics for fishing them. Whether you’re a dyed in the wool streamer junkie or just curious, it’s worth your time.

Talking Streamers with Kelly Galloup

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7 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Midcurrent Talks Streamers With Kelly Galloup

  1. The man Kelly Galloup is a legend . Simple.
    But… whilst I wholeheartedly agree, that his perceived forte is streamer fishing – I mean you have to use the damn things by name alone. Butt Monkey? Really?
    Anyway, I would say, that Kelly is a great deal more multifaceted than just the streamer “stuff”; his books on other areas and his depth of knowledge of fishing Western waters is just encyclopaedic. If my last day on this planet was to be fishing a water – I would want Kelly to either guide me…or tell me where to fish. Amazing man…and so generous.

  2. Great article. He makes some great points about his tactics, testing flies for the right action, and what lines he prefers to use and why. It’s no secret that Kelly is the man when it comes to streamer fishing. Like many others, he definitely influenced me to try streamer fishing with big articulated flies that most folks would consider too big for a trout. I have his DVD “Articulated Streamers with Kelly Galloup” and it’s a great resource if you want to get into Kelly’s brain and know how and why he ties these flies.

    • Justin:

      I “was country before country was cool” and was fishing streamers long before that was cool. Kelley is dead on about using a streamer that mimics a bait fish in the water. I have seen lots of mass produced streamers that were “pretty” but the only way they would ever catch a fish would be an accidental snag. 🙂
      I tie a lot of streamers that are sure not “pretty” but they have a good profile, lifelike action, they mimic bait fish AND they catch fish.

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