Garners Carp Dancer

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Photo by Louis Cahill

Carp are a notoriously picky fish.

Anyone who’s thrown a fly at carp can tell you what a frustrating experience it can be. Fortunately our resident warm water expert Garner Reid has a solution. The Carp Dancer.

The carp dancer is tied on a curved shank hook with dumbbell eyes. This makes the fly present with its tail in the air. So I’m sure you can guess where the name carp dancer came from. When you twitch the fly it rides along the bottom with the marabou tail pulsing in the water. It drives the carp wild.

Watch the video and learn to tie Garners Carp Dancer.

Louis Cahill
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24 thoughts on “Garners Carp Dancer

  1. Great Song!
    We need some fun music for Tying Videos.
    They’ve been getting stale over the years till recently.
    Keep it up.

  2. I think the video AND music are awesome!!!! It’s fun, makes me wanna tie some flies…. And looks like it would attract some younger guys to get INTO IT!!!
    Happy happy happy

  3. I liked the music. It totally fits the fly. “ass in the air” all the way. People need to get if the high horse here. Its a fun video that shows you how to tie an extremely effective carp fly. Hey Garner, awesome job! Haters don’t know sh*t!

  4. Very effective fly for carp. Tied these in Orange and the carp on my water can’t get enough. Thanks for the great blog. I learn a lot here.

  5. Apparently some people don’t know how to use the mute button on YT….sometimes fly fisherman are just douche bags. Bitching about the music instead of just clicking a button.
    That aside, good post. What leader set-up/tipppet would you recommend for river & pond carp?

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  8. Man…stop labeling and hating on people, guys. If someone doesn’t like the music, they can say so, and you can disagree without calling them names. Muting means you don’t hear any comments from the tyer, either, and that can be valuable.

    Neat fly, though, and since I’m stuck at home in Denver for a few weeks, might be tying a few!

  9. Do you always use your normal scissors to snip wire? I’ve always use my dull pair for wire, and keep my primary to soft stuff only, but wondering if I’m wasting time swapping around. Thanks for the video.

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