Under Armour ISO-Chill, Made Right

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Photo by Joel Dickey

Photo by Joel Dickey

I’m wary of gimmicks and marketing slogans.

I tend to discount claims made by any company about the magical properties of their products. So when I hear that a piece of clothing will keep me cool when it’s a hundred degrees and there’s not a breath of wind, I don’t even take the time to be skeptical. I just don’t believe it.


Chill Flats Shirt $79.99


Element Shirt $54.95

So what’s up with Under Armour’s ISO-Chill products? The fine print reads, “Made from yarns with increased surface area that help dissipate heat from the body, creating a cooling effect.” I wouldn’t call that claim magical but I was relieved to find out that ISO-Chill is not some day-glow chemical that’s going to turn me into the Toxic Avenger. The fabric does feel cool to the touch. In fact, the feel of the fabric is one of my favorite things about this gear. Plenty of companies have technical fabric designed to keep you cool. The ISO-Chill works as well as any of them. It’s UPF-30 rated and it dries very quickly. That’s all fine, but it’s not what has made it my favorite micro fiber gear.

What I really like about the Under Armour line is the design. It comes down to fundamentals. What I’m going to call the three Fs. Fit, Fabric and Features. I’m less impressed with claims of proprietary technology than I am with a piece of clothing that is just a pleasure to wear. 


Let’s get this out of the way. I’m a big guy. 6’4″ and a little over 250 pounds. Ok, 260. I have a beer once in a while, so sue me. I’m well over my ideal weight but not Springer fat. I wear an honest XXL. The problem is that most fishing gear is made for Montana trout guides living off boiled eggs and dip. The Under Armour sizing is real-life proportioned. I can wear a XXL without it feeling painted on. I’m comfortable and I’m thinking about my fishing, not my diet.


All of the ISO-Chill fabrics feel great. The texture and the weight of them feel like quality fabrics. They are super comfortable against your skin, they have the right amount of stretch and they hold up really well. They don’t pick and snag, they keep their shape and color. The colors and prints are nice. Especially the camo patterns, which are my favorite.


There are some really smart designs here. The line includes crewneck shirts, colored flats shirts, zippered turtle necks and technical shirts with built-in sun buffs and hoods. Vented underarms and side panels work really well. Reinforced neck lines don’t get stretched out. Snaps and zippers are all salt-friendly. Every detail is thought through. I’m very impressed.

My personal favorite is the RIDGE REAPER HYDRO HOODY.


Hydro Hoodie $99.95

Ok, the name is a little goofy but this is an awesome fishing shirt. It’s casual, comfortable and cool. I’m not always a fan of camo patterns but UA has done a great job with them. This one looks good and seems effective. The vented side panels are huge and really breathe. There’s a handy zippered pocket on the back, right side. The shirt dries quickly and is stain resistant.

My favorite features are the built-in sun buff and hood. I like crewneck shirts but I’m always frustrated by the gap between the collar and your buff. That’s completely eliminated here. The hood cuts way down on the brain bake when the sun is beating down on you. I’ll give this a solid 10.

Get yours HERE!

It seems pretty clear to me that Under Armour is committed to fly fishing. The designs are thoughtful and clearly informed by anglers. The folks I have dealt with at the company are fishy guys. They are not just recycling ideas from larger markets. I expect good things from them in years to come.


Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Under Armour ISO-Chill, Made Right

  1. I tried to order one of these shirts but obviously the color I wanted(water camo) isn’t available. When I put it on my wish list it just wouldn’t let me. So know what?

    • I would contact them or check out your local dicks sporting goods. Bass pro shop or cabelas. All Carry unser armour.

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