The Bauer Rogue Extreme New in 2014

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The REX Prototype, so fresh it hasn't been polished or finished

The REX Prototype, so fresh it hasn’t been polished or finished

I’ve been using Bauer reels for as long as I can remember.

When I first felt the need to step up to a serious reel, Bauer was my choice. I’ve never been sorry. Years later I had the chance to get to know Jon Bauer and I now understand why I love his reels.

Jon’s understanding of fly reels and the materials they are constructed from is remarkable. He came to the reel business from the racing world where he built and raced cars and motorcycles. When your life, literally, depends on your equipment you take your design and quality control seriously. It shows in Jon’s reels.

For example, the spool attaches to the frame using the same system that holds the wheels on Indy cars. Sound under engineered to you?

I am always surprised when friends express concerns about the drag systems in my Bauer reels. Far too many people are unaware that there is a patented carbon fiber drag clutch at the heart of every Bauer reel. It’s kind of a pet peeve of mine. It seems that somewhere along the way Jon has been out-marketed.

For my big game reels I trust the quality and engineering of my Bauer reels. I have put them through the ringer and they’ve never let me down.

In 2014 Bauer is introducing the Rogue Extreme. The REX has a new look, a lighter frame, and the toughest drag system ever. In this video Jon shows off the features of the REX and talks about reel design and materials. It’s well worth your time.

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7 thoughts on “The Bauer Rogue Extreme New in 2014

  1. Bauer is hands down my favorite reel on the market. They are the only ones I use and I have never ever had any issues with the drag systems, they are rock solid! Pretty exciting to see the new Rogue! And love that the porting is similar to the MXP!!!

  2. Cool looking reel for sure. I didn’t realize their drag systems were sealed carbon fiber disc drags. That’s good stuff. Did he happen to mention the price range?

  3. The Rex will be a replacement for the Rogue 5, 6, and 7 sizes. We are trying to keep some secrets till we release it but the Rex will stop a truck and look good doing it. Keep your eyes peeled for more info.

  4. I’ve owned the original M1 and M2 since they came out.
    They are wonderfully engineered reels and they look handsome too!

    However I sold my M2 and while I still have the M1 I rarely use it anymore. What’s the point to have Indy Car stopping brakes when fishing for trout?…
    Just a simple but trusty click-and-pawl reel works for me when fishing for trout.

    For bonefish etc. I’m sure his reels will do the job and keep doing the job.

  5. Thanks guys for putting together such a wonderful review. And thank you for all the kind comments in support.

    We would like to point out one thing however. This reel will actually be named the “RX” or Rogue Extreme. It should be available for purchase by the beginning of 2014. We are very excited to introduce this next evolution of the Bauer Fly Reel.

    Keep on fishin’ on,

    -All of us at Bauer Fly Reel

  6. A great review but whatever happen with the REX … or Rogue Extreme … RX ?? Just saying’ … your Bauer fans are waiting patiently, though I think it will be hard to top the MX4 I have … or the CFX4 (a great design by the way).

    So what’s up? I hope things are well with Bauer!

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