Simms Bags It In 2015

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No, Simms isn’t going anywhere.

But you probably are and no matter where you go Simms has a bag for your gear. The new line of bags from Simms is one of the most impressive I’ve seen. Some of the highlights are waterproof zippered bags for travel and wading, gear bags made to hold Plano boxes and other real-world fishing gear and the long-awaited boat bag redesign.

It’s an impressive line up that’s durable, functional and thoughtful. Whether your flying around the world or stepping out the back door, Simms has you covered. Several of these are on my wish list and I’m sure they’ll be on yours.

Watch the video and see how I’m not quite as smooth as I think I am.

Louis Cahill
Gink & Gasoline
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One thought on “Simms Bags It In 2015

  1. I have looked at the Simms boat bag at my local fly shop. It has a zipper!! My experience with zippers and saltwater is not good. They always corrode and cease to function. I do not want to empty my boat bag, fanny pack, sling bag after every trip and rinse the bag. Why can the makers of these bags come up with a durable saltwater zipper? Does not seem to much to ask.

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