New Wet Wading Boots From Simms

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The Simms Intruder boot is made just for the wet wader.

This is one of the coolest wading boots I’ve seen in a while. It’s kind of a special purpose boot but if you do a lot of fishing without waders, it’s worth checking out. Simms has been working on these boots for a while now and it shows in the design.

The fit of these boots is not your standard wading boot fit. No more piling on extra socks to make klunky boots fit without waders. They feel like hiking boots. Snug uppers and stiff shanks. Lots of support for hiking and fishing. Some innovative sole options as well.

The big design feature is the built in neoprene sock with an elastic closure at the top to keep debris out of the boot. It’s super comfortable Simms pro staff  have been testing them for a couple of seasons now. All the reports are very good. It looks like a game changer for the avid wet wader.

What this video where Rich Hohne walks us through all of the details.

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14 thoughts on “New Wet Wading Boots From Simms

  1. I’ve been waiting for a well built wet wading boot with some ankle support and gravel guards. I went to Simms booth at IFTD to ask if they have anything cooking and was pleasantly surprised. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair.

    • Yep. We had a little YouTube glitch. It took a while to fix because I was out on the river.

      Here is what you should know.


      Out reviews are as straight forward and in bias as possible. Always.

  2. Interesting. Looks quite a lot like the wet wading boots we use from MontBell. These have been around for many years. They are sold as Shower Climbing Shoes – a unique sport that is frequently paired with fly fishing in the mountains of Japan. It is good to see a similar product available in the United States.

  3. I dont understand the point of a wet wading boot…

    I guess I dont have an application where I cant use my Crocs, or any other amphibious footwear for that matter.

    I assume that they will retail over $100, and I just cant see the point in purchasing these, with the options I have now, that all cost less than $50.

    • I think it depends on the stream you are wading in. Slippery freestone streams or tail waters that are like freestones can be very tricky to wade with crocs, tevas or other water shoes that don’t offer enough protection to your toes or the top of your feet. Crocs are somewhat padded on top, for sure, but you’ve got zero ankle protection or support. Plus you could wear river crampons if needed. I’ve nearly twisted ankles & bruised the top of my feet because I should have been wearing my boots instead of Tevas…just my opinion.

    • The problem with just aquatic shoes or sandals is most do not have the proper soles for wading in streams or rivers. I bought a pair of Chota wading sandals a few years ago and my feet were bloody and bruised after fishing all day. Wading boots provide the proper grip and protection. I use my regular wading boots with neoprene wading socks but these Simms look interesting. Your right regarding the price. If they hover in the $100.00 range then I may try, $150.00 I will stick to what I am doing.

  4. Im a guide on the arkansas river in colorado, I want to someone fish a full day on the “ARK” with a pair of crocs.
    I will give you a free ride to the hospital ☺ !!!

  5. I have been using these boots to wet wade in northwest Wyoming. I’m 66 years old have tried every wet wade designed product including sandals, shoes, and normal boots with neoprene booties. These are the best I have used. I did get the ones with the combination rubber felt soles. I haven’t found a full rubber sole that works well on our slick rocks. Very pleased with this product

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