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One of the best known names in fly rods makes some interesting moves in 2015.

Winston is known for smooth powerful action and made-in-America quality. Neither of those things has changed but the the new Nexus and Micro Spey rod are both departures of a kind. Both rods show Winston’s commitment to quality while proving they are looking ahead.

The Nexus is Winston’s entry into the mid-priced American-made market. It’s a departure from the norm in two ways. First, it’s a fast action rod. That’s one thing Winston has never been known for and they’ve done a nice job of it. The Nexus steps up the pace without losing the feel Winston rods are known for. Second, it retails for $475. Some troll will make a snarky comment about it but that’s a great price for an American made rod with a lifetime warranty.

The Micro Spey rods are based on a very cool idea. Spey caster want light weight spey rods, not switch rods. While switch rods are basically small Spey rods, their action is usually a compromise. What the gain for single hand casting is taken away from two hand performance. These little beauties are true Spey rod tapers made for two hand casting. Actual Spey rods for trout. Pretty cool.

I’ve always loved Winston rods. If you do too, these are worth checking out. In this video Johnny Spillane talks with Adam Hutchison and Tom Larimer about the new Nexus and Micro Spey fly rods from Winston.



Louis Cahill
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5 thoughts on “New Rods From Winston

  1. Hey Louis, I cannot help but wonder if the Nexus is just a clever re-branding of the GVX Select. I have seen a lot of clever marketing surrounding the rod which appears extremely similar to the specs given for the past GVX models. Fast meets feel! I am not trying to be cynical about the new offering. I am just wondering what the differences are between the two outside of blank color and name? Why the name change? Are the tapers the same? If so, does Winston really believe that the consumer is that ignorant? By the way, this is coming from a born and raised Montana boy who fishes nothing but Winston!

    • Ben,
      I forwarded you question to the folks at Winston. Here is the reply.

      Easy question:
      The Nexus series is a faster series than the GVX. Tapers are not at all the
      The GVX is what I would call a moderate action rod series, even though (for
      some reason) we like to call them moderate fast in action. They are much
      like the older WT rods but lighter in the butt section. The 9′ #5 in the
      GVX has a much softer deflection than the Nexus. This holds true for all
      the trout rods in the Nexus series when compared to GVX. Different
      mandrels, different materials.
      It also is a complete rod series as compared to the GVX series which was
      more limited in rod offerings.
      Hope this helps.

      Annette McLean
      Vice President of Operations & Design

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