New Rods And Reels From Redington for 2016

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Bold new designs from Redington this year.

Paul Richardson, the new industrial designer for Redington, is making his mark with some bold and innovative design strokes on the new rods and reels. The new offerings are sleek and down to business.

The new Chromer two hand rods replace the prospector line. I’ve not cast them but the action feels very nice and there are some sweet features like rubber ends on the cork grips that make handling mono running lines easier. The Chromer is available in switch and spey.

The new Hydrogen single hand rods are super light weight with a crisp action. The black blank is even visible at the reel seat. No spacer material to add weight. There’s a full line of standard lengths plus some 10 & 11 foot nymphing rods.

The Behemoth is a powerful big game reel with 30 pounds of drag and a bold new look. The Zero series reel is super light weight with a great click drag for old-school sound. As always each of these products is at a very competitive price point, offering serious hardware for the budget minded angler.

Watch this video to get a look at the Redington rods and reels.

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3 thoughts on “New Rods And Reels From Redington for 2016

  1. Redington might score again! I have used my Prospector 4wt. Switch happily since I got it. That rod made trout fishing fun again for me.

  2. Redington is probably one of the best fly rod companies out there at this time. I own four of the their Classic Fly rods and have to say they are some of the lightest fly rods I have ever put in my hands. For the money one can beat the classic. I also own two of their Drift Reels which are superb. Thanks for sharing

  3. I own two behemoths in the 7-8 weight size and have been thoroughly impressed with them, exept for the smoothness of the drag knob. The drag itself is great (for a 100$ reel) however when first adjusting the drag knob, it goes through a quarter of an inch of rough slack travel. Extremely annoying, but doesn’t bother the reels performance at all. I casted the hydrogens at Icast and was not super impressed, however I love my vapens and predators and the zero is awesome as well, although the drag sounds like a tin can.

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