New Products From Sage for 2013

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There aren’t a lot of names in fly fishing bigger than Sage.

Known for quality rods hand made here in the USA, Sage is clearly a leader in the sport. When a company like Sage takes a marked turn in its rod design theory, it’s news.

The big news from Sage in 2013 is the Circa rod. I have not cast this rod personally but folks I respect are calling it a game changer. The Circa is Sage’s new slow action offering. It features the kinetic technology that was developed for the One rod which delivers a lighter stronger rod but with the promise of a lot more feel and finesse. It certainly seems like a promising prospect.

Our friend Kara Armano is back to tell you about the Circa and some other new Sage products for 2013.

Kara, if you don’t know, is not just a pretty face. She is an accomplished angler with years of experience.

Check out her women’s bonefish school at Andros South.


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5 thoughts on “New Products From Sage for 2013

  1. The new rod case looks like a re-run of the original idea Abel made with their square rod cases, which were a lot nicer than the one Sage just introduced.

    The One rod series are just too stiff & fast. I cast a 9ft #5 the other day and a Hardy Sintrix 9ft #5 and the difference was huge. The Sage felt lifeless and stiff. It came alive after 25+ feet of line. Close in was pretty bad.

    The Hardy was amazing close in and longer line. It felt smooth all the way.

    Sage has gone just too far with their ‘performance rods’. My old Sage RPL is just about as fast as I would like. It’s funny that it was considered fast then, but now no way as fast as the One.

    • Jay, for the record I am in total agreement with you on every point. Still, there are a lot of Sage fans out there so I feel like its worth posting. Sage is sending me a circa to try out. I’m interested to see if how I like it.

  2. I just bought a Red Truck Diesel 590-4.
    This is a rod designed by the guys at Leland in San Francisco.
    I’m really curious how it casts (and fishes). It’s supposed to be more parabolic than any other fastish rods.

    I’ll write a short review on my blog later.

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