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Photo By Louis Cahill

In the past two years Redington has proven to be a real trail blazer.

They have turned much of their focus to developing great new products for folks new to fly fishing and for women. Redington’s mission seems to be one of accessibility.

Their new Topo outfit includes a rod, reel, line, tippet, flies and best of all a QR code that takes you to casting lessons on your smart phone! They’ve done everything but hook the fish for you. Their specialized women’s products, including their award winning women’s waders, offer value to the fastest growing and most underserved demographic in fly fishing.

As Redington reaches out to these important demographics they also commit themselves to improving the quality of every product in their line. I’ve been really impressed with the changes made at Redington. I wear their waders and fish a couple of their rods.

Good job guys…and ladies!

Check out the videos for some great new stuff from Redington for 2013.

Louis Cahill
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8 thoughts on “New Gear From Redington

  1. Over the past few years I’ve owned several rods and reels by redington and they’ve done a great job improving rods that were already awesome for their price points, such as the CT, Predator, and Pursuit rods, and Rise reels. And not to mention their Sonic Pro waders. These waders are badass. I’ve owned a pair since their inception and they have put up with my abuse and been bomb proof so far.

  2. I have been extremely impressed with the Redington products I have used in the last few years. It has been really easy to outfit my kids with their gear and get them on the water with rods that they enjoy using. It didn’t break the bank either. The Sonic Pro waders were perfect for Dad too.

  3. I’m sold on the Redington brand. The price vs quality of their products is unmatched. I own and use just about everything they have and I have not been dissappointed on the water. The warranty is top notch. All the gear has that new age angler look and function. Remember this before you go and badmouth a redington product without first trying it. Redington is owned by FarBank which is a parent company of SAGE, who also owns RIO and C&F.

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