Innovative New Fly Fishing Packs From Simms

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The Headwaters Guide Hip Pack

The Headwaters Guide Hip Pack

One of the coolest things I saw at IFTD this year was the new line of fishing packs from Simms.

Particularly the Headwaters packs with their “Workbench” concept. The Workbench gives you a convenient space with a modular Velcro system that allows you to customize the pack to your needs.

These packs are roomy and designed for super easy use. The quality is outstanding and they are really comfortable to wear. I especially like the fact that the headwaters packs were designed to keep items from accidentally falling into the river. The boys at Simms seem to have thought of everything.

In this video, fishy dude, Rich Hohne walks you through some of the new features of the Headwaters guide hip pack and the new Headwaters large sling pack. Look for big innovations from Simms in 2014.

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14 thoughts on “Innovative New Fly Fishing Packs From Simms

  1. That guide hip pack is definitely cool. Tons of room for fly boxes and the velcro’d accessories are quite nifty. The large sling looks a little bulky for my taste. That being said, I’m anxious to see the regular version. I’m hoping it will be the perfect replacement for my beat up orvis sling pack. Can’t wait to see what else Simms will have out in 2014.

  2. Totally agree> love the hip pack- bit big, but WOW_~~ all that storage. SLing pack seems to ride quite high> hopefully that adjusts a little lower…
    Thanks for the update~ looking forward to checking them out!!
    Tight Lines~

  3. I live in interior Alaska and I feel pretty strongly about having external pockets on a pack as a place to carry easily-accessible bearspray (which I would rather not carry on my belt). I like the look of the sling pack but neither of these packs has external pockets suitable for carrying bearspray and I’d have to give them both a pass for that reason.

    • Melinda,

      Couldn’t you use the water bottle holder on the waist pack that lays securely under the pack and out of the way for your bear spray? Seems like it would be a suitable spot for this important piece of safety gear of your.


    • When I’m carrying bear spray I carry it in the holder it comes with and then use an s-biner to clip it to a pack strap right where I need it — I like in front of me a little low and to the left — which is right where my old Simms pack (and my Orvis one too) allow me to clip it.. Those S-biners make things pretty hand no matter what type of pack you’re using.

  4. How many iterations of a hip pack can we have. And how long is this fad going to last? I just dont get the whole pack thing..I guess I am getting old…but to me a well engineered vest blows these under/oversized bag on a belt thingies away.

  5. The hip pack looks great from a function standpoint, but the orange is horrible. Hopefully they’ll make it in more muted colors.

  6. The smaller sling pack is 89.95 and the large sling pack is 119.95. Im still an old school vest guy and love my simms headers vest but Im looking at the new sling packs.

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