Sunday Classic / If The Real Thing Don’t Do The Trick…BARRACUDA!

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Say Hello To My Little Friend - Photo by Joel Dickey

This toothy monster has saved a lot of slow days on the flats. A lot of anglers will ignore the barracuda and if the game is on with your target species, then, OK. But when things are slow this guy can offer a whole lot of action. Cuda are vicious and will trounce a fly that is properly presented. The take is explosive and if you never seen it you will not believe the speed this fish can turn on. Once hooked the fight is awesome with plenty of arial displays. I always have a cuda rod on the boat ready to go. They’re not the most challenging fish but they’re a whole lot of fun and that doesn’t suck. Just be careful getting that hero shot. Cuda fight to the bitter end.

Gracie's Cudaceiver

Here’s a video of my friend Bruce Chard telling you all you need to know to feed one.

Video by Louis Cahill

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / If The Real Thing Don’t Do The Trick…BARRACUDA!

  1. Just like the article suggests, I first threw flies at ‘cuda in Cozumel, waiting for the boat to pick me up to fish bones… HOLY CRAP those things can move!!! Ever since then, I always fish em. There’s nothing like seeing a fish haul ass from 30 yards away to crush your fly! Thanks for the stoke – I needed that on a Monday.

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