Saturday Shoutout / Skiff Republic, Orvis and TU on Teaching Kids to Fly Fish

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My friend Marshall Cutchin spent a little time on the flats with his kids recently and wrote a really thoughtful essay about it. It got me thinking. Teaching kids is important. It’s important to them and important to the sport but possibly even more important to ourselves.

Almost everyone has a kid they can teach to fish but not all of us feel prepared. Teaching is a skill and like any other skill, teaching involves some learning. Fortunately, Marshall and a few other smart folks have given the issue some thought.

Here are three great pieces on the subject of teaching kids to fly fish.

Skiff Republic – Learning

Tom Rosenbauer – Teaching a Child to Fish

Phil Genova – First Cast, Teaching Kids to Fly Fish

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Shoutout / Skiff Republic, Orvis and TU on Teaching Kids to Fly Fish

  1. We are off to our 16th annual Michigan TU Youth Trout Camp next Sunday. I never would have guessed we could have sustained the program or I would still be involved with it. Few of us have kids that would meet the age requirements anymore but seeing a kid (or new adult volunteer) land their first brookie just never gets old. Plus we are hearing back from, and about, some of our former campers that are doing big things. I know, you are not “that guy” but believe me none of my guys are “that guy” either. It’s really just showing a kid (or that new adult councilor) how to move a fly line, turning over rocks to see what’s living there, and wading upstream hoping a fish will rise – with a few kids. Best week of the year.

  2. Louis,

    Teaching kids to respect and enjoy the opportunity to fish is one of the most important things we do. Our TU chapter participates in Georgia TU Youth Trout Camp as on-stream guides, fly fishing merit badge at an area boy scout camp, and fun pond fishing events at Mercier Apple Orchards irrigation ponds.

    One of the most important things I tell parents is that, when they take their kid fishing the first few times, the parent is not on a fishing trip with a buddy. If the parent loses focus on the kid and is fishing for himself or herself, chances are the kid will be left out of the fun, become bored, and not have a good time. That is not a prescription for the kid wanting to return to fish again.

    Thanks for the references. Tom Rosenbauer is one of my favorite sources for good, solid trout fishing knowledge.

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