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This week’s Saturday shout out goes to the Sipping Emergers Blog with Steve Zakur’s tip on limiting the spread of invasive species by making sure your gear is completely dried out in between fishing trips.

Wading boot insoles are the last area of the boot to dry. Photo Provided By: Sipping Emergers

Sipping Emergers – Dry Gear

Sipping Emergers, points out that fly fishing gear that is 100% dried out in between fishing trips, kills most of the invasive species, and greatly reduces the risk of introducing them on other watersheds you travel to. The picture above is from an insole of a wading boot that still remaines saturated with water after several days of drying. Steve Zakur points out that the wading boots looked completely dry from the outside, and that it was only after he pulled out the insole, that he noticed this hidden risk that’s often overlooked by fly anglers.

Just like Steve Zakur, I to have never thought to remove my wading boot insoles, and I thank him for pointing this important high-risk area out. Pass on the word and when possible always wash your wading boots with a clorox/water mix after fishing trips to help eliminate the risk of spreading invasive species on our watersheds.

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