Photo Caption Contest, It’s that time again

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Photo By: Louis Cahill - (Anglers: Dave Grossman, Kent Klewein, Bruce Wayne)

I wasn’t planning on doing another caption contest for at least another month, but when you get the perfect photo, you just have to say, “What the Hell”. For a little background information on this photo, it took place on the South Holston River in East. Tennessee last month. Fishing was surreal during the morning hours, but it got really ugly once the sun got high, so ugly in fact, Louis even turned to the bottle. Knowing that the only sure thing was for us all to catch a good buzz, we unanimously put down our fly rods and turned up our drinks.

Give us your best caption for this photo…..

and if yours is picked….

I’ll be mailing you a Redington Delta 5/6 Reel brand new in the box. Retails for $199.95. 

Contest entries closes midnight on Sunday, July 1, 2012. One entry per person.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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47 thoughts on “Photo Caption Contest, It’s that time again

  1. Not wanting to risk another rowing-under-the-influence citation, after their third beer the guys decided they’d have to push their boats all the way back upstream to the launch.

  2. The most interesting fishermen in the world….They always fish, but when they don’t, They drink Dos Equis.
    Stay fishing my friends.

  3. If you drink a bottle of liquid Fish Attractant before you pee into the river you’re about to fish, you might be a redneck.

  4. River Report: 11:30 a.m., very hot…still “chugging” along…recent research has indicated that 3 out of 5 anglers prefer the artificial cold flows today.

  5. (coming from the man in the back, 4th from left)- Those guys think they are so cool; showing off their boats, drinking canned craft beer,probably have Yeti Coolers too…….One day I will be that cool.

  6. The three angler’s decision to dirnk once everytime they saw a tenkara rod, twice every time they heard “tight lines,” and three times whenever they saw a gopro proved to be a treacherous decision as shown by the police report the next day. The local community is now reminding all anglers that clothing is NOT optional when wade fishing. School guidance counselors are available for any students who may have witnessed the horror that unfolded after this picture was taken.

  7. A recent study shows that 2 out of 5 anglers are arrogant bastards that believe they are fly fishing’s purists and so “above” all other anglers that they can’t even enjoy a tastey alcoholic beverage while out on the water…. poor shmucks 😉

  8. Maybe we shouldn’t have thrown the client overboard, he had the Jack. Beer for now boys… with any luck his pack will get here before him.

  9. Though not mentioned in any how-to guides, synchronized drift drinking remains a challenging and rewarding part of the sport.

  10. Excellent idea. As long as we keep pouring the Makers in these empty beer cans none of the locals will give us sh!t for drinking Kentucky burbon in Tennesse.

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