Korkers Boots 2014: More Durable, More Technical, More Effective

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Korkers 2014 – “More Durable, More Technical, More Effective”

If you talk with the Korkers team about their 2014 product showcase, you’ll find out real quick they’ve been busy finding ways to improve the performance of their boots from top to bottom. In my opinion, one of the greatest improvements Korkers made for 2014, was deciding to do a total overhaul on the BOA LACING SYSTEM that’s used in their boots. The new and improved M2 BOA LACING SYSTEM design works flawlessly and is significantly more powerful than the old version. No longer will you have the feeling, “I wish I could crank it down a little tighter.” I’m proud that Korkers realized that speed isn’t everything, and that it’s not the end of the world if it takes an angler a few more seconds, and a couple more turns of the BOA knob to boot up for the day. What matters to me, at least, is starting my day on the water comfortable, and secure in my wading boots.

Korkers has long been known for designing wading boots that are light weight. They take great pride in using materials that don’t soak up water like a sponge. For 2014, they took the “light weight” philosophy to the next level by adding internal drainage channels into the midsoles of the boots, which quickly drain the majority of the water out of the boots. No longer will you feel like you’re walking around with two or more inches of water in your boots all day long. Hardcore hikers claim, for every pound of weight you lug around on your feet, it’s like adding five pounds of weight to your back. Finding a way to drain the excess water out of wading boots, while in transit, was a smart move by Korkers, and one you’ll surely notice if you purchase a pair.

If you’re looking for a super, light weight wading boot, Korkers introduced their Devil’s Canyon wading boot, which is by far, their lightest version ever. It has a hydrophobic 420 rockguard D upper material, a two-layer rubber toecap that’s tough as hell, and a neoprene type upper ankle cuff that’s flexible and snugs down tight. At $199.00 it’s Korkers answer for the hardcore fly angler that not afraid to venture off the beatin path. I put some time in these boots this season already and I’ve liked them a lot.

Last but not least, if you take the time look at the 2014 boots up close, you’ll notice that Korkers has beefed up their stitching in quite a few areas of the boots and they’ve also swapped out old materials here and there, with more durable ones to maximize durability and support. Check out the video below with Matt Martin from Korkers, who talks about some of the new features and changes to the 2014 Korkers boots, and the Devil’s Canyon boots.

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One thought on “Korkers Boots 2014: More Durable, More Technical, More Effective

  1. That’s great that Korkers is improving with each model but annoying that there’s no backward compatibility. I’ve owned 3 versions each requiring new soles. I have the previous totl Chromes at present and are great but have a problem with the boa as mentioned. Is the m2 boa available on my Chromes as an upgrade or am I going to have to buy yet another boot? Guides may buy new boots every season but the average Joe won’t or can’t so they should be able to take advantage of the advances without having to buy a new boot every season.

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