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It’s been a while since we’ve held a contest on the blog and hooked up a lucky fan with some sweet fly fishing gear. For a good while now, we’ve been sticking with using photo caption contests for our giveaways, and I’d like to change it up this time around, in an effort to keep things fresh, if everyone is cool with it. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m horrible at coming up with witty one liners that make people laugh. I’m sure there’s a least a few of you out there in the same boat as me, and you probably don’t even bother to participate in contests most of the time because you know you have zero chance of winning.

For this contest, we’re going to make it a level playing field and allow everyone who wants to participate to simply guess the number of glass beads in this plastic container. It will only take a few seconds to make your submission. Don’t try to count all the damn beads in the container. I purposely made sure the photograph wasn’t clear enough for someone crazy enough to try. Just take 10 seconds to come up with a guess, and submit it as a comment to this post.

The closest to the exact number of glass beads on the container will win. If for any chance we end up with multiple participants in a tie, I’ll provide a trivia fly fishing question that will have to be answered in a designated time period.

Rules: One submission per person. All submissions have to be in by midnight on October 22, 2013. Winner will be announced the following day on the 23rd. 

We like to thank LOON OUTDOORS for sponsoring this months contest and gear giveaway. They’ve donated a Loon Streamside Kit, which is a sampling of some of there most popular stream-side accessories, and it retails for $70.95.

Please take a moment to visit their website and learn more about Loon Outdoors great fly fishing and fly tying products that are environmentally friendly. We’re big fans of their business philosophy and gear.



Hint: There’s a lot more glass beads in there than it looks. Don’t be too conservative with your guess. 

Keep it Reel,

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Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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313 thoughts on “Gink & Gasoline: Fly Fishing Contest & Gear Giveaway

  1. Also interested to know exactly how YOU know the number – did you have to spend several hours counting them yourself? Which is more tedious – counting miniscule beads or trying to think of a witty one liner? LOL

    • Weigh 1 bead. Tare the scale with the bucket, fill the bucket and re-weigh. divide by the weight of 1 bead.

      Or, if you have kids, make them count them lol.

  2. Reuters reports seismic rumblings in North America as hordes of fly fishermen simultaneously pour beads into plastic beakers in an attempt to recreate G&Gs Gear Giveaway brain teaser

  3. Did a quick calculation of the area of the base of the container, then added a grid pattern to come up with,


    Actually I guessed.


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