G&G April Photo Caption Contest and Giveaway

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Brrrrr. Photo Louis Cahill

G&G April Photo Caption Contest & Gear Giveaway

Yes, that’s me fly fishing in January for musky in my boxers. I know, I’m going to catch all kinds of hell for this one, but it’s a perfect photo for a caption contest and giveaway. Let the smack down begin and submit your best caption for a chance to win the following:

Fly box filled with 36 assorted trout flies

Hard Copy of the book Streamers 365 by Darren MacEachern

Contest Rules:

Only one entry per person. Submissions need to be entered before midnight on April 21tst. We’ll announce the winner on April 22nd. Good Luck everyone.

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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64 thoughts on “G&G April Photo Caption Contest and Giveaway

  1. Kent: I gotta think like the fish.. gotta be the fish.
    Louis: Hey Kent, the fish are naked.
    Kent: Im doing it. This will work.

  2. Guide-“What’s The #1 Rule in Finding Toothy Critters?”
    client-“No Cuts, No Butts, No Coconuts?”
    Hank P- “WRONG,
    Its a Muskey eat Muskey World, and you better have your Milk Bone Boxers on!”

  3. Musky 1: Did you see that guy with those legs and that fly!
    Musky 2: What does that guy think he is going to catch with those things
    Musky 1: Yeah, lets get outta here (Haha)

  4. Many people think the San Juan Worm is a cheater’s fly when it comes to trout fishing, but little do they know that this size 6.5/0 is my super secret musky pattern.

  5. Louis: “Hey Kent, when I said do a figure 8 with your short stiff rod off the back of the boat, I was talking about your fishing rod bro. Please put that little thing up.”
    Kent: “Um, I know… I was only trying to get a little sun on my legs here.”
    Louis: “Sure”

  6. Let’s see:
    Fly rod, Check!
    Sinking tip line, Check!
    Favorite streamer tied in 7 sizes, Check!
    Did that book say Musky or Musty scent? Check!

  7. “Louis, dude, I’m telling you, that guy on the Internet said this always how he gets his 50+inch fish. At this point I’m willing to try anything.”

  8. “Whatever, dude. You can’t tell me you never sprinkled your pants a little when a musky suddenly exploded on your fly after 9,999 casts with no action.”

  9. …… The hot pink polyester pants from the previous nights disco outing proved to be much too loud for the musky…

  10. Kent Klewein Rule # 31: Don’t ever play strip poker with musky – you’ll always wind up freezing your balls off in January.

  11. Louis…dude, you broke the Code! I thought we agreed…What Happens during Muskie Mayhem, stays on the boat…It never happened…now you post this…?!? There’s gonna be questions…

  12. When Kent first fished for the mighty musky, the fish of 10,000 casts, his guide constantly told him that “a strike could happen at anytime, so don’t be caught with your pants down.” To make sure that would never, ever happen, Kent came up with a simple solution, he simply fished pantless for musky.

  13. Before every trip I always ask my clients to just relax and be themselves…this was Kent’s idea of a “compromise”

  14. Thought I had finally grown up until this again…hadn’t forgot to put my pants on before going fishing since kindergarten.

  15. The first thing the guide said to Kent was to just relax and have fun…little did the guide know he would be forced to compromise with Kent just to get him to put some of his clothes back on

  16. One great way to improve your fly casting skill is to fish for musky with your pants off. If a 1-2 oz. hook traveling at 60-70 mph back and forth all day right in front of your pecker doesn’t increase your attention to detail and form, the resulting snag will.

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  19. Joebob knew he could never afford a high-fallutin’ trip to one of those tropical places, but an active imagination – and a lack of pants – made him feel like he was there.

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