Fly Fishing Gear Giveaway: June Photo Caption Contest

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Louis and I would like to thank each and every one of our loyal fans for regularly taking the time to visit, comment and spread the word about Gink & Gasoline.

This past month was our busiest month since we launched G&G two years ago. It’s been quite a journey. We’ve made lots of new friends, formed partnerships with many other great fly fishing websites, and together, we’ve built an engaging community that’s warm and respectful. Gink & Gasoline would have faded away a long time ago if it wasn’t for all of you great people.

As a token of our appreciation we invite all of you to participate in today’s photo caption contest for a chance to when a nice selection of gear that was graciously provided by TrueFlies Clothing. Please visit their website and support them just like they’ve supported us by sponsoring this month’s gear giveaway.


The winner of the Photo Caption contest will receive the following TrueFlies gear: Fish Crest Trucker Hat, Pin-Up Argyle Custom UV Buff, TrueFlies Can Coolie.

trueflies-trucker-hat trueflies-buff  trueflies-can-coolie

Rules: One submission per person only and all submissions must be received by midnight on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. The winner will be announced Thursday, June 13, 2013.

Have fun and may all of you have a grand day!

Keep it Reel,

Kent Klewein
Gink & Gasoline
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83 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Gear Giveaway: June Photo Caption Contest

  1. When targeting large Muskellunge, Kent likes to go to extremes in size of streamer and efforts to impart “live-action”.

  2. Now that we have a fiberglass bass boat it is time to go on the pro bass circuit. Not having any plastic worms it is time to do what you have to do to compete! I just hope there are no penalties for live bait.

  3. After hooking the biggest snake “Bill” had ever caught, he was happy he had spent the extra money to get his snake stamp on his regular fishing license.

  4. Friends often wondered why Bob’s push pole was tipped with a garden hoe, that is, until one June morning when he strip set on “lunch”…..

  5. Step 5:
    Leave enough room behind the hook eye to tie in your snake.

    DO NOT try to cut off the tag end.

    This step is very important due to the fact that you are using a live snake.

  6. Hank knew, if those other guys hated when he fished with a San Juan Worm, then they would REALLY have problems with his new creation.

  7. When swinging for big steelhead and the regular MOAL (Mother of All Leeches) doesn’t work, I put this on. They key is the stinger hook with some flash in the middle of the body. I chuck this baby on 800 gn Skagit Extreme head, perfect for 1/2 chickens or full snakes!

  8. After years of practicing the Zen art of no strike indicator nymphing, The G&G duo are snaking their way into the higher Zen arts.

  9. Kent, I don’t care how long it is, it does not count in the who buys contest, foul hooked is foul hooked!

  10. So THIS is what the Snake River is all about? Well I guess it is better than what we ran into on the Firehole River. We really need to do some thinking about the place’s name before deciding to go in the future.

  11. “Because you Never know when your going to need a quick release”
    “Copperhead Barbless Hooks, coming soon to a fly shop near you”

  12. The ‘Deer-Hair Rattle Snake’ is the way to go for Muskie and big Bass, and it only takes half a deer hide to tie!

  13. So I turned to the wife and said “Come here and help me with this snake.” and then she yelled back without looking and said “Stop fooling yourself it ain’t that big and why have you got it out anyhow?.”

  14. Finally all that ribbing you took over the years from your fishing buddies about carrying that .32 pistol in your tackle box to dispatch the big ones seems worth it.

  15. “Hey don’t hate! I just picked up these feathers from the local fly shop. I heard its the new fad. Don’t you think they look good on me?”

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