Sunday Classic / The “Shake and Bake” Method of Fly Dressing

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Photo by Louis Cahill

Will Sands shows me how he dresses his fly. “it’s like frying chicken” he tells me.

I love that, the guy from Colorado telling the boy from Georgia about frying chicken. I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first but Will’s “Shake and Bake” method really works, for flies anyway. That’s not how we cook chicken where I’m from.

Louis Cahill
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2 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / The “Shake and Bake” Method of Fly Dressing

  1. This is a new approach for me, as I use the process Will describes: Aquel to start and dessicant/hydrophobic combo after the fly gets soaked or eaten. My only question: Doesn’t the shake and bake approach alter the fly’s appearance with the white powdery components sticking to the Aquel base?

  2. Every fly turns ghost white, no matter what color/pattern it was originally designed to be? I have been shake & baking for years, but I do it in that order. First the desiccant shake to thoroughly dry the fly then the Aquel to seal it. This allows the fly to retain its intended colors to more properly match a certain hatch.

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