Sunday Classic / The Bimini Twist

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For This Kind of Pressure, You Need a Twist Photo by Louis Cahill

The Bimini Twist may be the the most mysterious knot in fly fishing.

I love the look you get when you tie one. It’s as though you pulled a rabbit out of your fishing hat. In reality, the Bimini Twist is not a difficult knot. Once you understand it it’s very easy to tie and it can not be beat for strength. It is the best method for attaching you backing to your fly line and a knot every angler should know how to tie. Here’s Capt. Joel Dickey to show you how easy it is.

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Louis Cahill
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3 thoughts on “Sunday Classic / The Bimini Twist

    • Double over the end of the fly line and tie 2 Nail Knots onto the double line with 10-12 LB mono. Clip the extra fly line at the base of the second Nail Knot (knot farthest from the loop), without touching the mono. Trim at an angle so the fly line taper away from this knot and will therefore glide in and out of the rod guides easily. Seal these knots w/ some type of knot sealant (e.g. UV Knot Sense) for extra insurance.

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