Sunday Classic / The Albright Knot

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For a Mouth Like This, You Need Metal Photo by Louis Cahill

The Albright Knot is a great knot for attaching a metal bite tippet to your leader.

It can also be used to attach the leader to the fly line or any time you are attaching materials of very different size or stiffness. Here’s Capt. Joel Dickey, in the last of his three part series on better salt water knots, to teach you the Albright Knot.

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Louis Cahill
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One thought on “Sunday Classic / The Albright Knot

  1. Hmmm…. 3 Minutes for that knot? Here’s a version about 100x easier. Learned it from an Aussi guide a while back:

    You can pick how many wraps forward and back based on the materials you’re joining. Braid is slipperier so needs more wraps. Mono to mono typically requires 3-4 wraps each way. Mono to wire depends on the size mono. For thin stuff go w more wraps. Fewer for heavier.

    The down-and-back method means you don’t have to be as precise, and you can tie the knot in about 20 seconds, which is great when a barra shows up on a bonefish flat and you’re 10-weight is back at the skiff.


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