Saturday. Shoutout / The Road To Tenkara

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tenkara-on-odell-1024x341“How does a perfectly good modern trout guide become devoted to an ancient style of fly-fishing?”

This week Tom Sadler tries to answer this question for Middle River Dispatches.  Tom document how he discovered tenkara fly fishing, why he started teaching it to his clients and how he came to see it as a purer form of fly fishing.

Tom is now a full time tenkara guide and preaches the word to anyone who is interested. Check out his story. He makes some great points of interest to any fly angler.

Check out “The Road To Tenkara”

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3 thoughts on “Saturday. Shoutout / The Road To Tenkara

  1. Good website, thanks for sharing.

    Could you guys do a post elaborating on using a U-Haul for fishing trips? This seems like a completely genius idea to me, but I’d like to hear more about it. I know there are many others hoping for the same post.

    Happy Hollidays,

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