Saturday Shoutout / The Cobra Eats

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The Limp Cobra is a great fly fishing site from France

(don’t worry they post in English) which shares some fun and interesting content. It’s run by Marc Fauvet who teaches casting and fly tying. The site is named for one of his signature casts.

Here are two posts that caught my eye.

How Fish Eat

Some great slow motion footage of fish eating. You really get a good look at the amazing mechanics behind the eat.

Line Dancing

Some amazing footage of Pavel Kupstov’s inspiring fly casting. You can learn a great deal about the dynamics of the cast from this video and the related articles.


Louis Cahill
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One thought on “Saturday Shoutout / The Cobra Eats

  1. thanks for the love Louis !
    be sure to let me know if you and/or the G&G posse comes to Europe. we’ll wear berets, eat cheese and try to catch some fish ! 😀

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