Safe, Painless Hook Removal: Video!

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Nice Drying Patch! Photo by Louis Cahill

If you’ve been thinking, “I love Gink and Gasoline but I wish it could be more like Jackass”, then today is the day your dreams come true!

There are two kinds of fishermen. The ones who have hooked themselves and the ones who are about to. It’s a bad feeling the first time you put a big streamer hook in yourself past the barb. You feel pretty helpless if you don’t know how to handle it. I’ve done it many times and I’m here to tell you that there is an easy, and even painless, way to get that hook out. As a veteran guide Kent has had to do it plenty and he’s a master. He’s taken hooks out of clients without them even knowing it was done.

We’ve been wanting to do this video for some time. We kept waiting for one of us to get hooked but it hasn’t happened so on a recent float on the South Holston with the guys from Southern Culture on the Fly and Bent Rod Media I decided to take things in hand and hook myself so we could show you how to deal with it. I have to say, it was harder to get that hook in past the barb than I thought. If you listen closely you can hear Dave Grossman of SCOF almost lose his lunch.

So watch and learn and please, share the video with someone. I don’t want to do this again! Thanks to Dave and Steve of SCOF and Ryan Dunn of BRM and Appalachian Fly Guides for a great day of fishing and all the help with the video.

Louis Cahill
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7 thoughts on “Safe, Painless Hook Removal: Video!

  1. Got to try this on a fellow for the first time last year. Shoulder hook up (probably dropped his backcast…sheeeze) and it worked like a charm. Just carry this technique around in the back of your mind…..some day.

  2. Had this done to me, and had to do it to friends, way more times than is preferable. This is the only way to remove a hook in my opinion. Great video!

  3. This is a video that should be played on ALL fly shop tv’s. It’s simple and painless. Before I was shown this method of hook removal, I used to have to force the hook point through from inside to cut the barb off for removal. (The skin didn’t show THAT much resistance to the hook going in.) I coached my son through the “operation” when I (foolishly) lipped a plug caught 4lb smallie and it hooked me with the forward treble hook. I’ve removed hooks from ears, necks and hands and most were amazed at the lack of pain involved

  4. My hubby and I have avoided the er a couple of times using this method. I can vouch that it is quick and painless and we are talking about good size saltwater hooks.

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