New Treatment for Casters Elbow

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Work It Baby Photo by Louis Cahill

Ok, it tennis elbow but it might as easily be casters elbow.

If you’ve spent much time on the cork end of a fly rod you’ve felt that burning in the elbow. Probably while you were fighting a big fish. That’s when it usually gets me. This came up while fishing with a friend who like me plays guitar pretty regularly. When combined with a couple of days a week fishing it’s a recipe for pain and suffering.

I did some research and came across a new gadget for the treatment of tennis elbow that’s pretty effective. It’s called Flex Bar. It would be tedious to explain how to use it but this video, although goofy as hell, gets it across. It’s pretty simple. You can buy one of these online for $15 or so but I made my own by cutting off a piece of a foam pool noodle from Wal-Mart. You have enough foam left over to tie some stupid big Chernobyls in crazy colors. If you do, please send photos.

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10 thoughts on “New Treatment for Casters Elbow

  1. I was having a similar ‘tennis elbow’ type of pain in my right elbow last year, and an artist friend recommended a Speedball print roller ($12-15). It’s a 3-4″ hard rubber, roller mounted on a handle and you can purchase it at most art/craft types of stores. It does a great job of massaging those forearm tendons that my doctor said were the culprit. It did the trick for me. I don’t leave home without it.

  2. If your elbow is really bothering you purchase a victory band. It has helped a number of my students continue to play tennis. Never tried to cast in one but it’s a miracle worker.

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