Improve Your Stance for Casting Accuracy

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By Louis Cahill

A good fly cast starts with your feet.

Why is that golfers talk so much about stance? All of the energy you apply with your hands starts with your feet planted firmly on the ground. It makes perfect sense that your stance would effect your cast.

Personally, I use a different stance for different kinds of casts. When I am casting for distance I put my left foot forward. Being a right handed caster this lets me use the rotational force of my body. It gives my cast a ton of power but if I don’t do everything exactly right, my accuracy suffers. But when I’m making a hundred foot Hail-Mary cast to cruising bonefish, I’ll take my chances.

When I’m making a short accurate cast, I put my left foot forward. This closed stance restrains the rotation and keeps my rod moving in a straight line. It makes a remarkable difference.

Watch this video for more on casting accuracy.

Louis Cahill
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4 thoughts on “Improve Your Stance for Casting Accuracy

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