Fixing Line Twist: Video

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By Louis Cahill

A day floating the river can turn into frustration when your running line starts to tangle.

There are lots of reasons fly lines get twisted. The most common is being rolled under foot in the bottom of the boat. However it happens, it’s a mess of tangles and knots that make fishing frustrating. There’s nothing worse than landing your fly just short of the strike zone because your running line is tangled.

Fortunately there is a simple trick to fix line twist. I learned this trick from my buddy Zack Dalton of ROI Products and it changed my life. I promise you will love it.

P.S. Watch closely and you’ll see a fish eat my fly behind my back.

Watch the video and never suffer with a twisted line again.

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12 thoughts on “Fixing Line Twist: Video

  1. Great tip! If you need to untwist the whole line, and it’s the end of the day. You take off the leader, let the whole line flow behind the boat for a few minutes. It works best if the boat is moving slowly under power.

    Thank you.

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