Fixing A Twisted Fly Line In Seconds

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Every fly angler has experienced a wicked twist in their fly line causing it to tangle and knot at their feet.

It may be caused by a flawed casting stroke, a big fly twisting in the wind or it may be God punishing you for masturbating. Regardless of why it occurs, it’s frustrating at the least and heartbreaking at the worst. There’s nothing worse than taking a shot at the fish of a lifetime, only to have your cast cut short by a knot in your guides.

Fortunately, a twisted fly line is easy to fix. You don’t have to lose valuable fishing time, while stripping the entire line off the reel and towing it behind the boat or letting it hang in the current. You can fix that twist in seconds.

In this video, our good friend Zack Dalton from RIO Products shows you how.

Come fish with us in the Bahamas!

Louis Cahill
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17 thoughts on “Fixing A Twisted Fly Line In Seconds

    • Wally, Mike and Jeff,

      Glad you liked today’s tip. We were just as excited to see it when Zach Dalton showed it to us on the river. I’ve used it countless times and it works like a charm every time.


  1. that is a great tip, I fish lots of big streamers and will be using it. Of course, being an “older” guy, I had to write it down and put in my vest.

  2. Thanks great tip…..Now if you could just explain a simple few steps to untangle my birds nest of leader….didn’t think so…. !

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