Dealing With Stuck Ferrules The Right Way

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Here’s the best way to separate stuck ferrules on a fly rod.

Ferrules stick. It’s a fact of life and when pulling them apart you can break a rod if you’re not careful. I learned this trick from an old friend and skilled bamboo rod maker, Gary Lacey. With the help of a friend you can separate those stuck ferrules in a second with no risk to you rod.

Check out this video and see how to separate seriously stuck ferrules on a fly rod.

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17 thoughts on “Dealing With Stuck Ferrules The Right Way

    • You can sit on a low rock, tree trunk or something like that and pass the rod under the folds of your knees, keeping the stuck ferrules exactly between the knees. Hold each piece of the rod with one hand as close as possible from each knee (by outside). Keep your hands steady and move each knee away from the other in steady movement.

  1. I always carry a few rubber bands in my hip pack. Wrapping the rubber bands around the rod and pulling from those works really well

  2. Your method will work a great deal of the time, but if it won’t fix the problem, I was shown another way that doesn’t put any stress on the rod. It just requires patience. Use ice around the stuck ferrules. Place the ice in a plastic bag and wrap it around the ferrules and leave the ice on for 15-20 minutes. Usually all you have to do is just pull the ferrules apart with virtually no effort. If that doesn’t work, find an ice machine and place the two pieces in the back of the machine on the ice bags. Again, wait 15 -20 minutes and pull. If that doesn’t work, in my experience, they are truly stuck and the best bet is to return the rod sections to the factory

  3. This works very well! If you’re on your own and have a stuck ferrule, the best trick I’ve found is to place the rod behind your knees, grasp the two sections firmly and press your fists apart with your knees. You can put straighter and greater pressure on the rod this way than if you try to do it in front of you.

  4. Don’t ask me how this one works – but if you are on your own, put the rod behind your back, hands a few inches each side of the ferrule, then pull apart. I have never had it fail!

  5. Carry two small pieces of kitchen shelf liner. The kind that’s somewhat tacky and made of rubber or vinyl like material. Wrap one piece around each rod section and pull. The extra grip from the shelf liner allows you to easily separate the sections.

  6. Had a badly stuck carbon spinning rod. Tried all listed methods and failed…then applied some materials engineering smarts. You need the female part to expand and the male part to shrink…problem is they are made of the same material, so have the same rate of thermal expansion. Cooling or heating both sections will do nothing for you….you need to heat the female and cool the male. So here’s how you do it. You need

    * the rod (duh!)
    * a can of magic spray that you use for sprains and bruises, chemists have it in the sports injury section
    * rubber gloves for extra grip

    1. leave the rod in the sun until its hot
    2. put your gloves on
    3. spray the MALE part of the join until it frosts up
    4. pull and twist gently and…pop apart it comes!

    I was not worried about exposing the rod to the extreme cold…carbon fibre is used very successfully in the aerospace industry, where it is subject to VERY cold temperatures…trust me I’m an aerospace engineer ;-).

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